Gunnar Nelson badly hurt Alan Jouban with a punch early in the second round tonight at UFC Fight Night 107, but it was a submission that would bring an end to the fight.

Round One:

Chopping leg kick for Jouban to start, setting that up with punches. Nelson takes the center of the Octagon here early. Jouban with a kick that’s almost caught and Nelson wings a punch afterwards that just misses.

Nelson now into the clinch as he looks to the get the fight to the mat. Jouban defends well against the cage though and gets away.

Nelson closes the distance quickly and he walks through strikes to clinch up again, but Jouban keeps him at bay this time and gets back to striking range.

Constant pressure for Nelson. Jouban lands a leg kick though. Nelson bursts forward with a hook and then straight into the takedown attempt. Jouban defending against the cage and stuffs one big takedown attempt, but Nelson lands it with authority at the second attempt.

Nelson in side control and then picks his moment to slide into full mount. Jouban tries to wall walk out, but no joy there. Jouban tries to turn to his back now, but Nelson is heavy on top and remain in the mount for now in the final minute of the round.

Nelson with a big elbow strike to the head. Jouban attempting to wall walk again, but Nelson has a really heavy base and will be hard to shift. His best bet will be to avoid going to the ground in the second round, but that will be easier said than done!

Round Two:

Leg kick for Jouban. His coaches told him to keep the center of the Octagon this round and he’s trying to put that into practice as he unlashes a combo, but Nelson returns fire.

Nelson starts to stalk Jouban again and then lands a huge right hand to the temple and there’s a delayed reaction from his opponent as he suddenly staggers backwards on queezy legs. Head kick from Nelson and then he drags the still rocked Jouban to the canvas and sets up a guillotine choke. He sinks it in and Jouban quickly taps with 46 seconds of the second round gone.

Very nice win for Nelson there, proving that he’s dangerous on the feet and on the mat as he brings Jouban’s three-fight winning streak to an end.