Henry Cejudo Outgrapples Sergio Pettis To Unanimous Decision Win At UFC 218

Henry Cejudo’s world-class wrestling was just too much for Sergio Pettis to handle tonight at UFC 218 as he cruised to a unanimous decision victory in Detroit.

Round One:

Early leg kick for Pettis. Now a body kick attempt from Cejudo. Pettis steps in with a jab. Cejudo moving forward quickly and Pettis lands a couple of counter punches.

Cejudo closes the distance and nicely takes Pettis to the mat, moving immediately to side control. Pettis tries to scramble and Cejudo clinches his back while his opponent is turtled up. He lands a few ground and pound strikes and a knee.

Pettis partially stands, but Cejudo keeps him down. Pettis again tries to stand and again Cejudo manages to keep him on the mat.

Pettis rolls to his back and brings Cejudo into his full guard. Cejudo tries to pass guard, but Pettis keeps him at bay for now.

Cejudo postures up and Pettis lands a few upkicks. Big punch as Cejudo drops down and then starts to land more strkes behind it to end the round.

Round Two:

Front kick upstairs misses for Pettis. Jab for Pettis and a kick for Cejudo. Body kicks exchanged from both fighters. Cejudo reaches for a leg then goes back to striking. Nice punches for Pettis. leg kicks exchanged.

Cejudo again able to get Pettis to the mat as he looses his footing and is back in his full guard. Cejudo trying his best to pass guard, but Pettis is doing a good job of stopping him so far.

Eventually Cejudo manages to start moving enough that pettis looks for an opportunity to scramble and ends up back in the turtle position that he spent a lot of time in earlier in the fight.

However, this time Pettis is able to stand and eventually gets away from Cejudo’s clinch. Back to striking range and Cejudo rips to the body.

Leg kick for Cejudo. Spinning kick attempt from Pettis misses and that’s the final action of the round.

Round Three:

Both men coming up a little short with punches and then Pettis lands a right hand. Cejudo looking up for some big punches, but is being countered by Pettis. Cejudo tries for a takedown, but its brushed aside this time.

Kick for Cejudo. Single leg attempt from Cejudo and he thumps Pettis to the mat. As in the previous rounds Cejudo has to work from full-guard for now.

Cejudo stands for a moment and then leaps over Petti’s guard to get into side control. Pettis rolls to turtle position. He doesn’t stay there for long though, moving to his back and we’re back to this full guard stalemate.

Pettis able to stand and eats a couple of knees as Cejudo remains clinched to his back. Cejudo tries to slam Pettis back down but doesn’t succeed and soon after they go back to striking range.

Not too much urgency from either man here in the final round of the fight. Cejudo with a head kick attempt. Pettis drives in for a last-gasp takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed and this one is heading to the judges.


No doubt about the winner here with Cejudo’s dominant wrestling being the deciding factor here as he earns a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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