Henry Cejudo Reprimanded By Karyn Bryant For Calling Aljamain Sterling ‘Aljamima’

Two-weight UFC champion Henry Cejudo is known to have a goofy brand of trash-talking, but he may have overstepped the mark in his latest series of call-outs on social media.

“Triple C doesn’t even pay attention to Aljamima Sterling Silver @funkmastermma 💁🏿‍♀️,” Cejudo wrote, apparently likening Sterling to the mascot for a brand of syrup that has been criticized in the past for being a racist stereotype.

The fact that the rest of Cejudo’s post also steered towards offensive territory didn’t help matters.

“Secondly, Triple C wants to fight you Petr, but your English needs to get Betr, you ugly communist potato
And last but not least, my tune-up fight, the cabbage patch head Jose Waldo. @danawhite.”

ESPN reporter Karyn Bryant then went on to publicly reprimanded Cejudo for what she deemed to be an offensive and racist jibe aimed at Sterling.

“Champ, I respect your talent. And I have thick skin,” Bryant wrote. “BUT, if you were wondering if calling @funkmasterMMA

“Aljamima” was racist, the answer is yes. Yes it is. Please stop.

Not everyone agreed with Bryant, which prompted a couple of follow-up replies from her.

“I know a lot of people won’t get it, really I do. I’m not going to give a history lesson here, nor am I a person who cries “racism!” at every slight. IMO it’s a bad look for the Champ and I would encourage him to stop using that “nickname” for his black opponent.”

“I am rarely offended, TBH. And maybe he didn’t “mean” it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great idea for him to keep using it. I pointed it out in the hopes that he’d stop. I like Henry! I don’t have a problem with him, just thought he could learn something here…”

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