Henry Cejudo TKO’s Wilson Reis In 2nd Round At UFC 215

Hery Cejudo’s striking was on-point tonight at UFC 215 as he dominated Wilson Reis, then dropped him with a punch followed by ground and pound in the second round for the TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Cejudo catches Reis with an early punch. Now a right hand to the body. Kick to the body landing too as Cejudo opens up early. A punch lands that Reis doesn’t like. More punches landing.

Cejudo looking for more and this time Reis lands, but Cejudo counters with punches of his own. Ripping body shots for Cejudo now.

Cejudo working for a headlock now and then looks to work for a while on the mat, but Reis nicely scrambles to his feet.

A knee strike upstairs for Cejudo is caught by Reis and he tries for a single leg takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Cejudo with a kick and a couple of punches. Another strike stumbles Reis to the mat just for a moment. It continues to be all Cejudo as the round draws to a conclusion, as he lands a takedown and keeps Reis there.

Round Two:

Body kick for Reis. He flicks out the right hand. Cejudo lands a right hand that drops Reis! Cejudo follows up with more right and left hands on the ground that seal the deal – a big TKO finish for him here 25 seconds into the second round after an impressive showcase of his evolving striking ability.


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