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Henry Cejudo Vows To Save The Flyweight Division By Defeating TJ Dillashaw

Flyweight champion Henry Cejudo is only too aware heading into his title defense superfight with TJ Dillashaw that there are strong rumors the UFC intends to close the division in 2019, and he’s using that as motivation to do everything he can to keep it alive.

During the UFC On ESPN+ 1 pre-fight press conference yesterday, Cejudo even targeted White directly, asking him to change his mind on winding up the 125lb weight class.

“With all due respect Dana, you did day at one point that women’s fighting would never enter (the UFC),” Cejudo said during the presser. “Ronda Rousey became one of the biggest superstars. I know there’s a place in your heart. What I am saying is: Let’s make a deal. I beat this man Saturday night, the flyweight division stays.”

However, White was non-commital about the division’s future.

“We’ll see what happens on Saturday. Let’s see what happens.”

That only seemed to make things more clear – that a win for Dillashaw on Saturday night could be the final nail in the coffin for the flyweight ranks, and that has made Cejudo more determined that ever to succeed.

“This is much bigger than me,” Cejudo said. “This is for all the flyweights that are not big enough to make 135 pounds. I’m fighting for their family. There’s a big inspiration for me. When I’ inspired – I know I can get this done. There’s no better person to – the UFC, Dana – than to throw the Hail Mary to me.”

“Saturday night, the flyweight division is going to be resurrected. Let it be known.”

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