Holly Holm Earns Unanimous Decision Victory Over Megan Anderson At UFC 225

Holly Holm emerged as a comfortable unanimous decision winner over Megan Anderson tonight at UFC 225 in Chicago.

Round One:

The tall, rangey Anderson takes the center of the cage. Early exchange and she lands a good knee and strikes behind it.

Another exchange as Anderson tries for the knee again. holm gets Anderson up against the cage. Good elbow for Holm. Now a knee to the thigh. Not too much offense here, but a sustained period of control from holm.

Not much happening here. Few knees to the thighs from holm and then they break free. Anderson back to her rangey striking. Holm drives into a takedown and lands it.

Holm taking her time and eventually Anderson throws up her legs looking for a potential submission. Holm in an awkward position, but is fine and remains on top as the round comes to a conclusion.

Round Two:/h4>

Nice right hand for Holm. She busrsts forward with another punch. Kick for Anderson, but Holm catches it and threatens with a takedown, then grinds her in the cage from the clinch.

Holm spends a little time there and then backs away. Anderson with a rangey right hand. Two side kicks to the body from Holm.

Holm lands a body kick as Anderson lands a punch. Punch and then a knee to the body from Anderson, but then Holm works for a takedown and gets her down.

Half-guard for Holm. She manages to progress to side control. Still two minutes remaining. Short punches for Holm and then steps into full mount.

Couple of punches from Holm. Potential arm triangle submission attempt an option for Holm. She opts to not fully commit to it and Holm goes back to ground and pound.

Holm drops down a few elbows and punches. Another couple of elbows drop before the round ends.

Round Three:

Good body kick for Holm. Body kick for Anderson. Nice one-two for Holm. Punch lands for Anderson. Holm working hard on a takedown attempt. She settles for the clinch against the cage.

not much happening for a while, then Holm lands a nice takedown and is back working from half-guard against the cage. holm steps into full mount with more than half the round to go.

Anderson uses the cage to wall walk and that causes Holm to step away. back to striking they go, but Holm works back into a takedown again and lands it.

Holm in side control and lands few good blows. Now she’s back into full mount and teeing off in the final minute of the round. Anderson tries to escape and gets back to side control. Holm drops back with a guillotine choke in the final seconds, but there’s not enough time left to finish it.


Holm was the better fighter here for the majority of the fight and rightly emerges with a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 30-26 x2).

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