Ion Cutelaba Beats Devin Clark By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 192

Ion Cutelaba showcased solid grappling along with his hard-hitting strikes in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 192 to secure a well-earned decision victory over Devin Clark.

Round One:

Clark immediately in on a takedown attempt and gets it, but Cutelaba gets back up against the cage. Clark still clinched up though.

Cutelaba able to get a little distance though and tries to land some big elbow strikes, which sees Clark back off while throwing a final punch of his own on the way out.

Cutelaba feeling out with the jab. Inside leg kick from Clark. Fast hook attempt from him just comes up short.

Lunging punch from Clark lands, then another fast head kick attempt doesn’t find a home.

Cutelaba pressing forward and lands a hard stepping knee to the body. Low kick from Clark.

Cutelaba with a heavy right hand and it sinks Clark to the mat. Clark has to dig deep here as Cutelaba blasts him with more punches on the mat.

However, Clark does manage to survive. He’s on his knees and clinging onto one of Cutelaba’s arms to stop some of the offensive onslaught.

Clark stands now with Cutelaba clinched to his back. Cutelaba with a head kick attempt and remains clinched up, then brings him back down.

Clark in survival mode right now turtled up as Cutelaba throws power punches. He gets back to his feet and Cutelaba takes him down and lands in full mount, but there’s not quite enough time left for him to get the finish he’s looking for.

Round Two:

Missed overhand from Cutelaba. Clark lands a body punch and then a low kick. Head kick attempt now is blocked.

Straight right from Cutelaba. Now a clipping left hook. Body kick from Clark. Cutelaba drives into a takedown and lands it in the center of the Octagon.

Cutelaba in full mount here with a lot of time to work. Clark covers up as Cutelaba drops down heavy elbow strikes.

Clark gets some respite now as Cutelaba starts to take his time. Cutelaba lands a few more punches. Cutelaba tries to pin an arm, but that gives Clark an opportunity to scramble and gets back to his feet.

Cutelaba drives into another takedown attempt and Clark tries to defend against the cage. Cutelaba lands a knee to the head.

Clark with his head low and he eats another knee to it. Cutelaba tries to get him down, but not able to and so Clark is able to survive another round.

Round Three:

Inbetween rounds Clark essentially asked his corner whether he should continue, but then decided himself that he’d continue. It seems that there might be something wrong with his lower teeth though.

Clark starts the round by pressing forward fast with a punch and then straight into a takedown attempt. Unfortunately for him Cutelaba stops it, and it’s not long before it’s him who is taken down.

Clark does well to scramble back to his feet, but Cutelaba is still clinched up. Clark attempts a trip that doesn’t pay off.

Spinning elbow attempt from Cutelaba just misses. Clark looks to be working a nice sweep, but Cutelaba shows great balance to remain upright and then takes Clark down.

Worse still for Clark, Cutelaba pins an arm and looks to land punches. Now he puts a knee on Clark’s already damaged face, though only for a brief moment, before looking to improve his position and ending up in full mount.

All credit to Clark as he manages to suddenly scramble back to his feet. Now he lands a hard punch and is able to then land a takedown near the center of the Octagon.

Clark has less than a minute to manufacture a finish here. He’s in Cutelaba’s guard though and is being stifled enough that he can’t get off much ground and pound.

He lands a couple of strikes, but Cutelaba scrambles upright. Clark looks to land punches and almost lands an illegal knee, but then Cutelaba counters by going for a final takedown attempt and they both go to the canvas as the round ends.


No doubts about the winner here, with Cutelaba using his striking and grappling to convincingly get the better of Spann to earn a unanimous decision victory (30-26, 29-26, 29-27).

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