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Ion Cutelaba TKO’s Khalil Rountree In First Round At UFC Fight Night 160

Ion Cutelaba started his fight with Khalil Rountree tonight at UFC Fight Night 160 quickly and that paid off when he got his opponent down and started blasting him with ground and pound, which eventually led to a TKO stoppage midway through the round.

Round One:

Cutelaba went right up to Rountree during the staredowns and had to be held back in case the fight started before it was supposed to!

Right hand for Cutelaba. Thudding kick from Rountree, but then Cutelaba is instantly in on a takedown attempt. Cutelaba gets him down, but Rountree works to his feet. Cutelaba still on him though and brings him straight back down.

Again Rountree stands up and he lands a big elbow that backs Cutelaba up.

Everything Rountree is throwing has huge power behind it and Cutelaba doesn’t like it. Cutelaba with a superman punch.

Rountree looking for another kick, but Cutelaba is able to take him down. Huge elbows from Cutelaba. Rountree is able to get up again, but he’s bleeding.

Cutelaba sweeps his leg to bring him down again and then starts hammering him with more punches while still standing over him and rains down punches and elbows until the referee ends the fight by TKO at 2.35mins of the first round.

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