Irene Aldana Submits Bethe Correia With Late Armbar At UFC 237

Irene Aldana earned a submission victory over Bethe Correia tonight at UFC 237 courtesy of a third round armbar submission.

Round One:

Aldana moving on the outside, circling Correia to start. Leg kick for Aldana, but Correia caught that temporarily.

Aldana pumps out the jab. It lands again and then she avoids a punch in return from her opponent. Continued work with the jab from Aldana, making use of her reach advantage.

Left hook for Aldana. Three-piece combo for Correia though mostly comes off Aldana’s guard. One-two for Aldana.

Straight right for Aldana and Correia launches a counter. Clipping left hand for Aldana. Now a one-two. Correia pressuring but struggling to break down the range so far. She does land a leg kick though.

Left hook for Correia and then another as she moves forward. Now a leg kick as Aldana goes back to the jab.

Low leg kick for Aldana. Nice right hand for her. Left hook for Correia. Now a good hook for Aldana and then lands again as the round comes to a conclusion.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Correia. One-two for Aldana. Another leg kick for Correia. Body punch for Aldana. Jab lands. Another jab and then Correia lands a punch.

Correia marching forward with a few punches now. Back to the leg kick. Aldana with a leg kick of her own. Leg kick lands again for Correia. Now an overhand connects.

One-two for Aldana. Right hook and then a left for Correia. Jabs for Aldana and a counter hook from Correia. Now a leg kick for Corriea.

Light shots from Aldana, but it’s Correia’s heavier hands that are starting to land with more authority now. Left hook scores for Aldana though.

Three-pice combo for Correia. Right hand for Aldana. Body punch for Correia and then upstairs with a right that seems to hurt Aldana.

Correia goes straight into the clinch. Aldana gets away. Correia with an overhand right. Body head combination for Correia.

Correia sweeps in for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. Aldana with a hard one-two down the pipe as she starts to put more power into her punches to end the round.

Round Three:

Jab for Aldana, leg kick counter for Correia. Another leg kick for Correia. Body kick for Aldana. Straight punches for Aldana. Right hand lands nicely for Aldana. Another connects.

Leg kick for Correia. Left hook for her. Now a solid right. Back to the jab for Aldana. Counter right for Correia.

Leg kick for Correia. she’s marching forward and landing some hard punches now. Solid one-two connects. She’s wading through Aldana’s punches to land her own.

Good right for Aldana. Body punch from Aldana. Nice right hook for her. Correia in on a takedown attempt, but Aldana not only stops it, but ends up on top and takes her back as the now bloodied Correia turtles up.

Aldana almost comes off over the top of Correia, but is able to work a belly down armbar and forces Correia to tap 2.34mins into the final round.

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