Islam Makhachev Submits Drew Dober In Third Round At UFC 259

Islam Makhachev showed why he’s one of the lightweight division’s most hotly tipped fighters tonight at UFC 259 as he extended his current unbeaten run to seven fights with a third round submission finish against Drew Dober.

Round One:

Inside leg kick for Makhachev. Leg kick for Dober. Uppercut from Makhachev grazes the guard. Low kick for Dober.

Makhachev with a low single leg and lands it nicely in the center of the Octagon. Makhachev in half-guard and looking to pass.

Shoulder pressure now from Makhachev as he stays heavy on top, opting for control more than activity here. Finally Makhachev is able to move into mount with two minutes of the round remaining. However, Dober gets him back to half-guard. Makhachev passing again to side control though.

A few light punches from Makhachev. Now Makhachev gets to mount. Dober scrambles and Makhachev is on his back, then back in side control again.

More scrambling action and Dober is struggling to escapes Makhachev’s clutches. Makhachev now rolls into an armbar attempt and then switches up for a potential triangle choke, then back to the armbar. Dober does well to continue scrambling and ends the round on top.

Round Two:

Reaching punch for Dober to start the second round. Makhachev dives into a takedown attempt, but Dober defends that. However, Makhachev hoists him into the cage and then does a slick trip to bring him down.

Makhachev in half guard and like the first round he’s looking to pass. Dober gets his back to the Octagon, but Makhachev is latched onto his legs and prevent him standing.

Stifling pressure on top from Makhachev. He’s working from inside Dober’s guard now and works the occasional body-head combo.

A little more activity from Makhachev as he punches to the head and body. Makhachev postures and then drops down with some nasty elbows to the head. He works a little more ground and pound as the round draws to a close.

Round Three:

Body kick for Dober to start the third round. He’s trying to let his hands go too, but Makhachev clinches and lands a knee, then works for a takedown and trips him again.

Makhachev back inside Dober’s full guard with pretty much the full round left. He passes to half-guard as Dober works on a kimura attempt.

Finally Dober gives up on that submission and Makhachev applies shoulder pressure, working an arm-triangle from half-guard and suddenly Dober is tapping out! Makhachev didn’t even have to break out of half-guard to get that submission, which comes at 1.37mins of the final round.

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