Israel Adesanya Claims Split Decision Win Over Marvin Vettori At UFC On FOX 29

Israel Adesanya found himself in a close encounter with Marvin Vettori tonight at UFC On FOX 29 in Arizona, but did eventually emerge with a split decision victory.

Round One:

Leg kick for Vettori. Now a head kick that misses. Low kick for Adesanya. Vettori steps forward with a few punches. Body kick for Vettori.

A couple of punches miss for Vettori. Now into the clinch he goes, pressing Adesanya up against the cage. He tries to trip him, but it doesn’t work out and eventually Adesanya breaks free.

Low kick for Adesanya. Punch for Vettori. Another leg kick for Adesanya. Straight punch for Israel. Inside leg kick for him. Body kick from Vettori. Now one to the leg.

Head kick from Adesanya and it just whistles over Vettori’s head. Sweeping leg kick for Adesanya. Leg kick for Vettori. One for Adesanya and then one in return from Vettori.

Vettori with a nice straight punch, but then eats one back from Adesanya. Body kick for Vettori. Now a kick to the midsection from Adesanya and an outstretched hand also pokes Vettori’s eye and forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go. Good body kick for Vettori. He tries for a head kick and misses. Low kick for Adesanya. Clash of shins as they both look to kick.

Vettori tries for a punch and Adesnaya responds with a jumping kick to the body. Vettori lands a leg kick. They both try to land punches in the final few seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Vettori. Two left hands get through for the Italian. Now he presses forward into a double-leg takedown, but Adesanya stuffs it and gets back to the center of the Octagon.

Leg kick and a punch from Vettori. Low kick from Adesanya. Two-piece combo for Adesanya. Left hand lands for Vettori and one on the counter from Adesanya.

Head kick attempt misses from Vettori. Adesanya lands a nice right hand. Head kick from Adesanya is blocked. Head kick attempt from Vettori again.

Body punch from Adesanya. Chopping low kick again. Two glancing punches from Vettori, but Adesanya counters with a harder blow.

Light left hand froM Vettori and a leg kick. Elbow to the head troubles Vettori and he complains about something, but the ref isn’t interested.

Adesanya starting to flow now and that annoys Vettori who bites down on his mouthpiece and starts to throw heavy leather. it’s hard to land on the agile Adesanya though.

Body kick for Vettori. Adesanya fakes on the spinning backfist and then threatens with a head kick. Two left hands for Vettori. Nice right hook for Adesanya. Knee to the body from Vettori. left hand for him.

Round Three:

Left hand lands for Vettori. He connects with a couple more punches. He’s trying to stays busy here. Left hand connects for Adesanya.

Good head movement from Adesanya to avoid punches and then he tries to stuff a takedown, but Vettori works hard for it and lands it.

Vettori moves to half guard. He’s pressed Adesanya up to the cage, but he gets brought back into his opponent’s guard. Adesanya finds a way back to his feet, but Vettori bundles him back down again.

Adesanya upright again, but it’s not long before Vettori plants him on his back again. Adesanya gets his back against the cage and stands. Vettori staying tight to him as he clinches against the cage looking for his next takedown, but surprisingly the ref steps in and separates them.

Back to striking range and Vettori lands a punch. His left hand is getting through at times. Adesanya with a nice knee to the body. Two punches to the head from Adesanya.

Another good left hand for Vettori. Both fighters missing with a few final strikes as the round comes to a close.


Vettori proved to be a rugged opponent here and found a home for his punches and kicks at times, but he just wasn’t as slick and refined a striker as Adesanya. The Italian did finally get his takedown game working in the third round, and found enough success there that it should have been something he worked hader on in the opening 10 minutes of the fight.

Overall it wasn’t the kind of performance that Adesanya would have been hoping for, but he does still edge out a split decision verdict on the scorecards (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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