Jack Hermansson Defeats Edmen Shahbayzan By Decision At UFC Fight Night 188

Jack Hermansson got the better of Edmen Shahbayzan tonight at UFC Fight Night 188 by relying on his wrestling and cardio to make his biggest impact in the final round of the bout.

Round One:

Jab from Shahbayzan. Another jab and then a punch to the body. Another jab for him as Hermansson lands a leg kick.

Jab leads for Shahbayzan and then punches behind it. Now Hermansson with the jab and Shahbayzan lands a counter.

Shahbayzan threatens with an uppercut and punch behind it. Leg kick for Hermansson. Hermansson attempts a takedown and Shahbayzan steps aside from that easily.

Shahbayzan back to working that jab to good effect. Inside leg kick for Hermansson and Shahbayzan retaliates with a nice flurry of punches.

Solid right hand for Shahbayzan. Outside leg kick for Hermansson. Punches in response from Shahbayzan. Jab for Hermansson.

Hermansson punches his way into the clinch and presses Shahbayzan into the cage, but then Shahbayzan circles out and goes back to striking in the center of the Octagon.

Double jab from Shahbayzan and a right hand over the top. One-two from Shahbayzan puts Hermansson on his heels momentarily.

Another crisp jab from Shahbayzan and a heavy low kick from Hermansson. Now one to the inside. Hermansson tries for a front kick to the body, but eats that ever-reliable jab in the process. Frustrating first round for Hermansson, but Shahbayzan will be pleased with his efforts.

Round Two:

Hermansson coming forward throwing hooks to start the second round and then gets into the clinch and pushes Shahbayzan up against the cage.

Hermansson drops down looking for the takedown and Shahbayzan tries to land hammerfists, but then does get put on his back.

Hermansson in Shahbayzan’s full guard and going to work with ground and pound. Now he looks to pass to half-guard, but it gives enough space for Shahbayzan to rise up quickly. Hermansson wraps an arm up around his neck.

Shahbayzan breaks free from that and lands an elbow, but then Hermansson immediately closes the distance again and is able to land another takedown against the cage.

As they go down Shahbayzan locks on a guillotine choke, but Hermansson adjusts accordingly to take the pressure off and then escapes.

Hermansson on top and looking to potentially move to mount here. He settles for half-guard for the time being. He might be looking for a kimura, then thinks better of it. Shahbayzan gives up his back for a moment, but then continues to scramble and ends up on top.

Shahbayzan thinks about a guillotine but quickly gives up on that and looks to work from half-guard.

Hermansson tried to use a kimura attempt to scramble up, but Shahbayzan does well to keep him down and then ends the round landing some solid ground and pound.

Round Three:

Jab for Shahbayzan. Two hooks thrown. Hermansson works his jab. Good uppercut for him. Now a front kick to the body.

Hermansson throws a jab out and goes for a takedown. He shifts to the back and then is able to bring down his opponent.

Hermansson in half-guard here and starts to lands some nice right hands while still staying tight to Shahbayzan.

More short punches and an elbow connect. Constant work from Hermansson here and Shahbayzan is starting to get a little bloodied.

Short elbows from Hermansson. Hammerfists. Now Hermansson really starts to put some power into his strikes as he drops hard elbows down. A big hammerfist lands too.

Hermansson passes to side control. Still landing punches from here and Shahbayzan attempts to escape, but Hermansson moves to morth-south and then side control on the other side.

Final 10 seconds and Hermansson moves to full mount and rains down punches until the final horn sounds.


Competitive fight here, with Shahbayzan getting the better of the early striking action, and then both men having their moments on the mat in the second round.

Hermansson had more control time on top in that second stanza though and then dominated the action on the ground in the third, and that leads him to a unanimous decision victory (29-27 x3).

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