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Jairzinho Rozenstruik TKO’s Augusto Sakai In Final Second Of Round 1 At UFC Fight Night 189

Jairzinho Rozenstruik got back to winning ways definitively tonight at UFC fight Night 189 with a buzzer-beating TKO victory in the opening round against Augusto Sakai.

Round One:

The heavyweight main event is underway in Las Vegas.

Front kick to the body from Sakai and a leg kick attempt from Rozenstruik in response.

Punch disguising an inside leg kick from Rozenstruik. Low leg kick from Sakai after a period of inactivity. Another low kick for him.

Jab from Rozenstruik. Sakai with a couple of punches and Rozenstruik lands a counter leg kick.

Body punch from Rozenstruik. He lands it again. calf kick for Sakai and Rozenstruik catches that one and tries to land a big punch behind it, but without success.

Push kick for Sakai. Jab from Rozenstruik, Sakai tries to return fire and Rozenstruik looks to come over the top with a right hand.

Fairly cautious start from both men, but now Rozenstruik lands an inside leg kick and then lands a flurry of punches as Sakai backs up to the cage for a moment.

Another inside leg kick for Rozenstruik. Now a body punch for him and then a left hook upstairs to the chin and then a right hand topples Sakai to the canvas close to the cage.

Rozenstruik lands a few more punches on the mat and With only a second of the round remaining the ref waves off the fight – Rozenstruik is your winner by TKO at 4.59mins of the first round!

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