Jake Paul Believes He Can Beat Nate Diaz In MMA With 1 Year Of Training

After beating him in the boxing ring this past weekend, Jake Paul has stated his belief that he can now go on to beat Nate Diaz in an MMA fight, though he admits he’d need a year of training first.

“Not right now, but in a year maybe,” Paul told his brother Logan on the Impaulsive podcast. “Honestly, I will will it into existence and I will work so f****** hard that I can do it. The best part about is that MMA matches obviously start standing up like a boxing match. He can’t hurt me with punches, if his punches aren’t strong how are his kicks going to be. Of course, you can get a guillotine on someone when they’re not expecting it in a f****** boxing match, duh.”

Paul went on to describe how he sees the fight going down if they do end up competing in MMA.

“If I can prepare for it, the crazy thing about it, I’ve done the calculations in my head,” Paul said. “We start standing up. I learn kicks, I learn how to defend kicks. I’m beating his ass standing up clear as day in boxing. He tries to get close to me, I can just stick and move. He tries to take me down, my takedown defense and takedowns are better than his. I have way higher wrestling experience than his. He’s not going to be able to take me down. He’s slow, so I’m going to see the shots coming. Boom, block the shots.

“He can’t take me down to submit me. It becomes a standing match. Three five-minute rounds, easy. I just fought for 30 minutes, that’s only 15 minutes. I can work twice as hard in half the amount of time, expend twice as much energy to keep him away from me, while punching, not letting him take me down, and I will just simply have to watch out for his guillotine.”

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