Jake Paul Fires Back After Conor McGregor Brands Him ‘A Donkey’

Conor McGregor recently backed Nate Diaz to beat Jake Paul in their boxing match on August 5th, while branding the Youtuber as “a bit windy” and, “a donkey”.

Now Paul has responded, and while he admitted that he did find McGregor’s remarks funny, he then went on a rant aimed at the former two-division UFC champion.

“Guess what, Conor? I’ll beat the f****** f*** out of you and you can’t box as good as me,” Paul said on the IMPAULSIVE show. “I’m gonna do to Nate what you couldn’t, which is knock him the f*** out. You’re gonna be sitting there with your new beer company that’s failing, drinking it, drunk as f***, realizing that you pissed your life away drinking at the end of the bottle. You’re gonna say, ‘Damn. I really thought no one was gonna do what I did in this sport. I really thought no one was gonna be as big of a name. I really thought I was gonna be the biggest forever.’ But you can’t choose and you can’t have both lives. You can’t have the fun, party, cocaine life, and be the greatest fighter in the world and you chose the wrong path.

“That money fight will always be there and when I knock Nate Diaz the f*** out and you realize I’m the biggest fight for you, call me and I’ll answer. I’m my own boss, I make my own decisions. I’m not controlled by Dana White, I don’t have a dad. So, I can make the fight happen. If Dana lets you make the fight happen, then we can run it.”

Paul’s brother Logan then stated his belief that the UFC star’s new Netflix docuseries ‘McGregor Forever’ was inspiring, but Jake sees things differently.

“I don’t think being an alcoholic is inspiring,” Paul said. “I respect him, but I’m gonna f*** him up. That’s great and all [what he’s gone through] but this is the entertainment business so are we gonna be entertaining or are we gonna sit here and go, ‘I saw his doc and I respect him.’

“It’s one of the biggest fights in combat sports that can be made right now and especially after I do what I do to Nate Diaz.”

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