Jake Paul Pours Cold Water On Tyron Woodley Rematch Talk

Jake Paul appears to be ready to move on from talk of rematching Tyron Woodley in the boxing ring after the former UFC star failed to get the tattoo he’d bet him he would get if he lost in their boxing match recently.

Earlier this week Woodley had suggested that he’d only get the tattoo after a contract for their rematch was signed, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.

“I’m like, ‘Where’s the tattoo?’ Now he’s saying you have to sign the contract and then I’ll get the tattoo,” Paul said on the Full Send podcast. “The tattoo was a bet before this fight. It was the loser had to get the tattoo. So now he’s trying to change it to make it for the rematch. It doesn’t make sense [to fight him again]. If he would have gotten the tattoo now and that clip goes viral and everyone’s like ‘Jake do it,’ I’d be like, ‘I kind of have to do this.’ But he f*cked up.

“He’s saying, ‘Oh, I’ll get it once you sign the contract.’ No, you f*cked up. Just get the tattoo and let me decide from there. But I think it’s on to bigger and better things. I want to fight a real boxer. We’ll see what the cards have in store.”

With that said it seems like up-and-coming boxer, Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, could well be next, though Paul had admitted that if it had been possible to arrange, he’d have been interested in going up against UFC star Jorge Masvidal after the fighter called him out.

“He started acting like a ho,” Paul said of Masvidal. “He just had a bad loss, which is like his first bad loss ever. He has the same managers as Tyron. So of course, I sign the deal with Tyron and then boom he’s instantly like, ‘F*ck Jake Paul, Tyron’s going to beat this guy’s ass.’ Weren’t you the one asking me to hang out and do your little YouTube videos and sh*t?

“He was a nice guy, he’s been nothing but nice to me, but as soon as you act like a friend and then switch up with no explanation — he just acted weird and it all went downhill. Now, that’s actually a perfect fight for me. ‘He’s an amazing striker, he’s the gangster of the UFC, baddest motherf*cker award’ and he has the same managers as Tyron, so we know how to do business with them. But Dana [White] won’t let him out.”

One fighter who at this stage seems to be at the bottom of the pecking order to fight him however is Bellator’s Dillon Danis, who Paul suggests isn’t well-known enough to compete against.

“I can go in and fight the infamous jiu-jitsu guy [Danis] who doesn’t shut the f*ck up on social media, but it’s a hard sell. This guy [Paul] just beat a UFC Hall of Fame legendary striker, we’re not going to put him up against a jiu-jitsu guy in a boxing match. Now after each fight, we go back to the drawing board and we’re like who makes the most sense? Can they actually sell pay-per-views? Can we actually sell this fight as in people are like, ‘Yeah, this is a tough fight for Jake.’ ‘Cause that’s what I want.

“I almost want to go into a fight where it’s like, ‘There’s no way he’s going to do this.’ I just want to continue to prove people wrong.”

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