James Vick Defeats Francisco Trinaldo By Unanimous Decision UFC Fight Night 126

James Vick comfortably outstruck Francisco Trinaldo in the opening 10 minutes of their match-up tonight at UFC Fight Night 126 to help ensure he would emerge with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Side kick to the body for Vick. He moves on the outside looking for his moment to strike. He lands a body kick, but Trinaldo responds with one of his own and Vick immediately goes for another himself.

Vick with a side kick attempt to the head. Body kick for him too. Right hand lands now. Trinaldo with an overhand attempt that comes up short.

Trinaldo works into the clinch against the cage now. Vick pushes him off though and gets bakc to striking, landing a front kick to the body.

Right hand for Vick and an overhand gets through for Trinaldo in return. nice left hand for Trinaldo and then a body punch. VIck with a punch of his own that buckles Trinaldo.

Trinaldo straight into a taekdown though and lands it. Vick looks to stand, but Trinaldo is able to keep him down.

Vick works to his feet, but Trinaldo gets him down again and works a guillotine choke. Vick stays calm in a tough spot though and then does well to move on top and break free.

Vick up to his feet and immediately rattles Trinaldo’s cage with a solid strike. Now it’s Vick who is pressing forward as Trinaldo looks for a bit of a breather after than exertion on the mat.

Vick with a flying knee attempt, but it doesn’t land. Trinaldo struggling a bit to get into range against the taller man.

Round Two:

Vick tries for a big jumping switch kick, but it doesn’t land cleanly. Trinaldo lands a hook, but then slips off-balance. Both fighters trade in the center of the cage.

Trinaldo manages to swing around to Vick’s back and gets the body lock, which he utilizes to land a takedown. Vick quickly back up though and they battle in the clinch.

Now it’s Vick’s turn to take Trinaldo down, but he doesn’t keep him there for long and they are soon back to striking range on the feet.

Nice right head kick from Vick that lands, but Trinaldo takes it well. Three-piece punching combo from Trinaldo, but mostly blocked on his opponent’s gloves.

Side kick to the body for Vick. Now one for Trinaldo. Vick tries upstairs with a kick that’s blocked. Leg kick for Vick, then one to the body.

Another blocked head kick attempt from Vick. Right hand gets through for Trinaldo. Right for VIck now. Body punch from Trinaldo. Knee strike misses for VIck.

Side kick for Vick to the body. Now one upstairs that just grazes his opponent. Another side kick to the midsection. Body shot for Trinaldo.

Round Three:

Side kick from Vick doesn’t quite work out this time around and he has to get away from Trinaldo’s counter punch. Flying knee to the body from Vick.

Now the side kick connects for Vick, and again. overhand left for Trinaldo just connects and no more. Hard body kick for Vick.

Body kick for Trinaldo, but it’s almost caught by Vick. Body punch for Trinaldo. another side kick for Vick. Trinaldo with a brief combo. Now a body kick.

Vick doubles up on the side kick. Good right hand for Trinaldo. Head kick attempt from VIck comes up short. Another one is blocked. Could left hand for Vick.

Another head kick blocked from Vick. Hard body kick scores for Trinaldo. 90 seconds to go. Vick moving on the outside and Trinaldo chases him with punches.

Side kicks to the body continue to be a constant weapon of choice for Vick. He tries a spinning head kick attempt that misses. Trinaldo thinks about the clinch adn then lets it go.

Final 30 seconds and Trinaldo lands a body punch. Trinaldo into the clinch against the cage and lands a knee. left head kick for Trinaldo partially lands in the final seconds, but Vick is unmoved by it.


Vick utilizes his height and reach advantage well in this fight to outstrike Trinaldo and he emerges with a unniamous decision victory.

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