Jared Cannonier Beats Anderson Silva By TKO Due To Leg Kick At UFC 237

Jared Cannonier Got the better of Anderson Silva tonight at UFC 237 by way of an inside leg kick late in the first round that appeared to badly injure the legendary fighter.

Round One:

Leg kick for Cannonier. Another lands. Now one to the inside of the leg. Outside again. Cannonier taking the center of the Octagon at this stage.

Now a leg kick for Silva, his first offense of the bout. Punch misses for Cannonier and then back to the leg kick. inside leg kick from Cannonier.

Hard body kick for Silva. Right hand for Cannonier. Silva getting backed up against the cage now with pressure. Leg kick and then a punch from Cannonier.

Leg kick for Silva. Switch kick lands for ‘The Spider’. Front kick to the body from Cannonier. Cannonier with a few punches and then into the clinch.

They break apart with Cannonier swinging. Solid body kick from Silva. Inside leg kick for Cannonier. Another leg kick from Silva. Right hook for Cannonier. Swing and a miss from Silva.

Left hand for Silva. Now a head kick that’s blocked. He looks for a spinning technique. Inside leg kick from Cannonier and Silva crumples to the mat apparently badly hurt. He tries to defend himself, but the referee jumps in straight away to wave off the fight and he immediately clutches at his knee.

And that’s that, Cannonier earns himself a TKO victory at 4.47mins of the first round.

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