Jared Cannonier TKO’s Derek Brunson In 2nd Round At UFC 271

Jared Cannonier had to survive some early wrestling pressure from Derek Brunson tonight at UFC 271, but then turned the screw in the second round with big elbows on the feet and on the mat leading to a brutal TKO finish.

Round One:

Leg kick for Cannonier from range. Brunson looking for a body kick a couple of times but having to be mindful of Cannonier’s heavy hands. Brunson does land a body kick from range.

Cannonier loads up on a punch and misses. Brunson telegraphs a takedown attempt, but still manages to get in on it and starts to try to work Cannonier to the mat. He manages to hold one of Cannonier’s legs up high and brings him down.

Cannonier quickly back to his feet though and they are soon back at striking range. Body kick from Brunson came off the arm.

Brunson with a punch to set up another takedown attempt as he drives Cannonier into the cage. Cannonier able to turn and back away though.

Left hand for Brunson. He lands another one and Cannonier seemed to wince a little after that. Left hook from Brunson as they back away.

Brunson driving in for another takedown attempt and works for it against the cage. He commits to it and gets it at the second attempt. Brunson nicely moves to mount, but Cannonier does get his guard back.

Cannonier able to stand back up against the cage and pushes Brunson away.

Cannonier commits to a punch, misses and gets caught by a big counter right hook that drops him. Brunson follows him to the mat and is quickly on his back looking for a submission. He gets a rear-naked choke, but there’s only a few seconds of the round remaining and Cannonier survives.

Round Two:

Brunson immediately in on a single leg and gets Cannonier down in the center of the Octagon. Brunson in half-guard, but cannonier does well to drive back up to his feet.

Cannonier with a good hook. He lands to the body too. Brunson seems a little dazed, but he throws out a couple of hard left hands anyway.

Inside leg kick for Cannonier. Brunson with a body punch to set up a takedown attempt, but Cannonier shrugs him off.

Good right hand for Cannonier. Head kick attempt from Brunson doesn’t pay off. Hard punch lands for Cannonier.

Outside leg kick for Cannonier. Brunson lands a left hook. Light body kick from him. Now an inside leg kick. He reaches for a single-leg but doesn’t get it.

Solid jab for Cannonier. Now a body punch. Cannonier looking the fresher of the two right now. Brunson attempts another takedown and Cannonier is stuffing these shots easier now. Still in close Cannonier lands a big elbow that rocks Brunson with a backfist in there too for good measure.

Brunson reeling as Cannonier piles on the pressure and gets him to the mat. Cannonier in side control and blasts some savage elbow strikes to the head that knock Brunson all but unconscious just as the towel is being thrown in by his corner, resulting in a TKO stoppage at 4.29mins of the second round.

That’s a big statement win for Cannonier and increases his chances of landing a title shot soon considerably.

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