Jennifer Maia Submits Joanne Calderwood With 1st Round Armbar At UFC On ESPN+ 31

Jennifer Maia dashed Joanne Calderwood’s title dreams tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 31 by tapping her out in the first round with an armbar.

Round One:

Leg kick for Calderwood. Right hand for Maia as Calderwood looks for the kick again. Inside leg kick from Calderwood and straight right threatened by Maia.

Short flurry of punches land nicely for Maia. Overhand right for her. Body kick from Calderwood.

Inside leg kick and a push kick from Calderwood. Brief clinch and Maia lands a good knee to the body.

Head kick attempt from Calderwood. Maia with a one-two and Calderwood just grazes the target with a counter left hook.

Body punch and then one upstairs from Maia. Push kick for Calderwood. Push kick to the face from Maia, but Calderwood catches the kick and brings Maia to the mat with it.

Maia pressed up against the cage but starts to work away from it and is staying tricky from her back and not giving Calderwood time to start making her impression felt on top. Maia looking for a submission, but Calderwood able to steer clear of trouble.

Calderwood in Maia’s full guard and looking for ground and pound, but Maia still busy and works for an armbar. Calderwood in trouble here but defending for now and putting her shin on Maia’s face.

Maia transitions though to get a better angle on the armbar attempt and it now looks to be locked up securely and Calderwood is forced to tap out at 4.29mins of the first round.

Big win for Maia and Calderwood will surely be regretting her decision to take this short notice fight now rather than wait on the sidelines for her title shot against Valentina Shevchenko.

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