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Jeremy Stephens TKO’s Doo Ho Choi In UFC Fight Night 124’s Main Event

Jeremy Stephens got the better of his younger counterpart Doo Ho Choi tonight at UFC Fight Night 124, finishing him off by TKO in the second round.

Round One:

Missed leg kick attempt from Stephens and Choi lands one of his own in return. Another leg kick for Choi. Now one to the body that’s blocked.

leg kick for Stephens. Stephens misses with a punch, but follows up with a right hand that does find the mark. Leg kick again for Choi. Now a right hand that’s blocked.

Leg kicks exchanged. Right hand from Choi and then a knee upstairs. Leg kick again and then the straight right behind it.

Leg kick for Stpehens. Now one from Choi. Knee strike from Stephens. leg kick for Choi. Right hand gets through for Stephens.

Uppercut lands for Choi. Leg kick for Stephens, but the punch behind it misses. They clinch briefly and Stephens lands a good elbow on the way back.

Combination of punches from Choi. Jab for Stephens. Both land the jab. Choi flashes out the right hand. Now he lands nicely to the body and Stephens lands a good kick.

Leg kick for Choi and a counter punch in return from Stephens to end the round.

Round Two:

Choi with a front kick upstairs that lands. Now a flying knee that just misses. Stephens steps forward throwing a nice kick and then a punch. Exciting action early in the second roudn here as both men step up the pace and aggression.

Another hardy exchange from both men. Stephens lands a hard punch and follows up with solid kicks. Choi suddenly looking more wary and working on the outside.

Choi lands a punch, but then Stephens counters with a huge right hook that floors ‘The Korean Superboy.’ He drops down with a few vicious punches to his wilting opponent, and as more fists rain down the ref dives in to spare Choi from further punishment, handing Stephens an impressive TKO victory!

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