Jessica Eye Beats Jessica-Rose Clark By Unanimous Decision Verdict At UFC Fight Night 132

Jessica Eye earned a unanimous decision victory over Jessica-Rose Clark at UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore today.

Round One:

Eye immediately pumping out the jab and launches a kick to the body. Nice crisp one-two down the pipe.

Glancing right hand from eye. Series of left and rights from Eye that knocks Clark off-balance, but she seems ok and gets right back to it.

Another exchange in close and Eye connects again. Nice right hand for Clark now. Powerful straight right for Eye. Now another one. She starts to work the leg of her opponent.

Now Eye’s working behind her jab. Clark reaching out with her jab. Eye stalking Clark and unleashes a quick flurry without landing anything meaningful and Clark is waiting on the counter.

Missed punch from Clark but follows up with a head kick attempt. Outside leg kick for Clark. Body kick from Eye as they exchange in close. Nice punch from Clark. Another punch for her. Eye lands a body punch.

Right hand for Eye. Body kick for Eye, though not much on it. left hook for Clark. A couple of body kicks for Eye as she comes forward with more urgency.

Round Two:

Push kick for Eye to maintain distance. Inside leg kick for Clark. Another kick from Eye. Left hook gets through for Clark.

Body punch for Eye. Leg kick for Eye and a good overhand right from Clark in response. Leg kick for Clark. Body kick for Eye. elft hand for Clark.

Body kick for Clark but she slips and Eye goes for the front headlock to keep her down. Clark over to the cage and stands, but Eye presses her against the cage.

Eye backs up. She lands a body kick. Grazing left hand from Clark. Body kick for Clark. Now a solid leg kick. She tries for a head kick that doesn’t work out. Eye fires back with offense of her own and a head kick attempt.

Jab from Eye. Overhand right attempt for Clark doesn’t quite work out. She does land a left hook though. Well timed body punch from Eye. Now a straight right. left hook for Clark.

Front kick to the body from eye and a counter punch from Clark. Final seconds of the round and Clark barrels forward and lands a few punches with Eye up against the cage.

Round Three:

Body kick for Eye. Jabs for her, but Clark throwing too. Body kick of a brief combination of punches from Clark. Body punch followed by a hard body kick for Eye. That was good work.

Leg kick from Clark and then a flurry to back it up, but then Eye responds with the same intensity. Nice jab from Eye. Left-right for Clark.

Body kick and a right hand for Eye. Punches just short from Clark. Body kick for eye and a good elbow from Clark. Body punch for Eye and Clark responds. Eye tries for a takedown, but it doesn’t pay off.

One-two’s from Eye on the back foot as Clark comes forward. Nice digging hook to the body from Eye and then a good takedown afterwards, landing in the center of the Octagon with over 90 seconds remaining.

Big moment for Eye. Eye settling into half guard now and looking solid on top. she almost traps an arm. She moves to side control and then north south briefly, then to the other side. Mashing down a few elbows and puts a knee on Clark’s face just as the round ends. Good end to the fight for Eye.


This was a close, competitive fight, but Eye appeared to just have the edge in the striking department and landed a crucial takedown in the third round, helping her on her way to a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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