Jim Crute Taps Out Paul Craig In Final Seconds At UFC Fight Night 142

Jim Crute impressed in his promotional debut at UFC Fight Night 142 tonight, managing to outgrapple Paul Craig and emerge with a kimura submission victory with just nine seconds of the fight remaining.

Round One:

Spinning kick to the head from Craig to start that’s blocked. Craig moves in on a takedown and lands it nicely. Crute looking for a sweep but Craig keeps his base well and stays on top.

Craig in half-guard and staying tight to Crute as lands a few short punches to the head. However, Crute then manages to sweep Craig and end up on top in half-guard.

Craig looking to throw up a submission, but Crute backs out and goes back to his feet. Crute comes forward aggressively but slips. They scramble and Craig willingly goes to ground hoping to work a submission off his back.

That doesn’t pay off however as Crute steps into full mount and then works an arm triangle attempt. It looks tight but Craig stays calm and defends it nicely, eventually forcing Crute to give up on the submission.

Craig able to get back to his feet and lands a spinning back kick. Craig tries for a takedown, but it’s Crute who gets on top instead as they scramble.

Crute looking for a kimura and then settles for a little ground and pound.

Round Two:

Body kick for Craig to start. Now a one-two. Crute throws out a one-two of his own. Craig lands a jab. Craig in on a takedown and lands it.

Craig in Crute’s guard and presses him against the cage. Crute circling away from this uncomfortable spot on the cage. Craig gets half-guard and then back to full guard.

Crute able to get back to his feet now. Craig tries for another takedown, but this time Crute stuffs it and settles on top. Crute looking to back out but Craig traps his legs and then scrambles up and pulls Crute back to the mat against the cage.

Crute scrambling and nicely rolls on top and then backs away to striking range.

Craig lands another spinning kick to the body and then straight into a takedown, but then Crute does a great job to again reverse and end up on top.

Final seconds of the round and Craig gets on top working a kimura attempt.

Round Three:

Craig pumps out the jab to start. Body kick from Craig. He darts into a takedown attempt, but Crute stuffs it and gets on top.

Crute in half guard thinking about a kimura but soon after moves into mount instead. Crute again going for an arm triangle. It’s close to the cage though making it more difficult to execute.

Craig defended this in the first round and so far he’s hanging tough again as Crute struggles to force the Scot to tap out.

Crute gives up on the submission as he steps into full mount instead again. One minute left as Crute lands a few punches to the head.

Crute starting to drop down heavy blows now, but Craig gets him back to half-guard. Crute immediately looking for a kimura again and this time he locks it up and in the final seconds of the fight he forces Craig to tap out!

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