Jim Miller Suffered A Serious Eye Injury During Loss To Alexander Hernandez

UFC veteran Jim Miller has revealed that he suffered a serious eye injury during his decision loss to Alexander Hernandez at UFC Fight Night 219.

Miller revealed on social media that he’d been suffering from blurred vision after the fight and has since been diagnosed with having a traumatic cataract in his right eye.

“So an exciting development, depending on how you define exciting,” Miller stated on Instagram. “I just got back from the eye doctor. That’s why I look like I was smoking parmesan cheese off the floor with the president’s son. I’ve got a traumatic cataract in my right eye.

“The doctor said that it might get a little bit better, but at this point — I mean it’s blurry even at half an arm’s length, but 12-feet away to the end of the room, if I close my left eye, I can’t really read the letters on the archery target. But I can see a motherf***** standing in front of me, so maybe we’ll kick the can down the road a little bit, a couple of months. We’ll schedule surgery for August of 2024.”

“My biggest concern is that motherf***** behind me,” Miller said while pointing at his hunting equipment. “There is no way that I can see anything while looking through a peep right now. No f****** way. I’m right eye dominant. Anything that requires an eye alignment, I do right handed from archery to shooting whatever, playing pool, yeah so that’s fun. But we’ll see where we go.”

The 39-year-old Miller’s loss to Hernandez had ended a three-fight winning streak in the lightweight division.

Already holding the record for the most fights in UFC history (41), Miller recently revealed that he hopes to keep fighting until having a retirement fight at UFC 300 next year, which would make him the only fighter to have competed at UFC 100, UFC 200 and UFC 300.

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