Jimi Manuwa Viciously KO’s Corey Anderson At UFC Fight Night 107

Jimi Manuwa served up a reminder of just how devastating his punching power is tonight as he registered a first round walk-off KO win against Corey Anderson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 107.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in London, England with a touch of the gloves.

Anderson with a leg kick as he works on the outside. Lots of movement from him as he attempts to make it difficult for Manuwa to land his heavy artillery.

Anderson tries a takedown, but it’s easily avoided. Anderson eager to get the fight to the mat, but he’s being cautious about it at this stage in the fight.

Jab lands for Anderson. He fakes a takedown attempt. Manuwa yet to really let his hands go. He unleashes a body kick and Anderson attempted to counter with a takedown that’s stuffed.

Two-piece combo for Manuwa. Anderson really drives into a takedown now, but Manuwa is wise to it and avoids the danger. Anderson back up and throwing punches.

left hook lands for Manuwa and just for a split-second Anderson drops to one knee and gets right back up.

Manuwa stalks Anderson and then blasts home a massive left hook that just seems to switch his opponent’s power off and he topples like a tree, whie ‘Posterboy’ just casually walks off, recording another classic KO for his highlight reel!

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