Jimmy Crute KO’s Modestas Bukauskas In First Round At UFC Fight Night 180

Jimmy Crute made short work of Modestas Bukauskas tonight at UFC Fight Night 180, flattening him with a right hand and then finishing off the job with a left hook when he got back to his feet for the KO stoppage.

Round One:

Low leg kick for Bukauskas. Leg kick for Krute and then another. Leg kick for Bukauskas and Crute immediately goes for a takedown. Bukauskas able to stuff that attempt and Crute ends up settling for the clinch against the cage. Krute with a knee that lands to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go. Bukauskas with a body kick, but Crute caught him with a right hand too. hard low kick from Krute. Right hand for Krute lands and Bukauskas works a counter.

Leg kick for Crute and then another. Bukauskas with a kick of his own to the leg. Again Krute connects with a leg kick. Bukauskas trying for a kick and Krute responds by demolishing him to the mat with a big right.

Bukauskas wobbles back to his feet, but he’s still dazed and Krute follows up with a big left hook that puts him back down and a final right gets through as the ref rushes in to end the fight by KO at 2.01mins of the first round.