Jiri Prochazka Faceplants Dominick Reyes With Spinning Elbow At UFC On ESPN 23

Jiri Prochazka continued to demonstrate his remarkable finishing ability tonight at UFC On ESPN 23 as he knocked Dominick Reyes out cold with a spinning elbow in the second round.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Las Vegas!

Reyes feels out with the jab. Prochazka steps forward with a right hand. Kick for Reyes and then one of the leg. He lands another heavy body kick.

Reaching right hand for Prochazka. overhgand left from Reyes. Right hand from Prochazka comes off the guard.

Prochazka throws a heavy uppercut in a three-piece combo. Hard straight left from Reyes. Prochazka with a right hand that also lands big and backs up Reyes.

Reyes moves into range nicely and is able to work a trip takedown in the center of the Octagon. Reyes in half-guard here with a little more than half the round remaining.

Prochazka with a big scramble and manages to get back to his feet. Solid left hand for Reyes, but three punches on the return from Prochazka has Reyes hurt and retreating.

Prochazka coming forward with heavy artillery and Reyes trying to fire back to keep him at bay. Prochazka with lots of pressure here and landing punches.

Reyes with a hard punch to try and get respect, but Prochazka still coming forward dangerously. Reyes again firing back, but he’s on the backfoot a lot here.

Prochazka With a nice left hand and right behind it. Another two punches land for him. Reyes with a short counter left as Prochazka is coming in.

Final 10 seconds and Prochazka marches forward throwing a series of punches as Reyes covers up and then tries to throw back. Reyes with a big contusion growing under his left eye.

Round Two:

Body kick for Reyes. Now a front kick to the midsection too. He lands a leaping front kick there too. Continual body kicks for him.

The pace slowing for a moment now. Another body kick for Reyes. Now a right hand. Two hard left hands for Reyes. Body kick again. Hard right hand for Prochazka. Both men trading and Reyes lands a clean punch at the end of that exchange.

Front kick upstairs from Prochazka. Reyes with a hammerfist as he retreats. Prochazka with a good punch and then another, while also landing a front kick too.

Heavy elbow from Reyes. Now a good left lands and Prochazka’s legs wobble. Reyes grabs hold of a guillotine and goes to the mat with it in the center of the Octagon as Prochazka is still trying to regain his bearings.

It doesn’t look too tight though and Prochazka gets free and tries to pass guard. Prochazka almost gets to full mount, but settles for half guard, then back to full guard.

Chopping elbows from the bottom from Reyes. Reyes trying an upkick as Prochazka gets to half guard. Prochazka landing punches as Reyes scrambles to his feet.

More punches from Prochazka as he keeps the pace extremely high. Suddenly Prochazka throws an elbow and then follows up with a spinning elbow that lands hard to the temple and Reyes falls face first onto the canvas unconscious at 4.29mins of the second round! What a KO for Prochazka after having been rocked himself earlier in the round!

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