Jiri Prochazka TKO’s Aleksandar Rakic In 2nd Round At UFC 300

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka came off second-best against Aleksandar Rakic at times tonight at UFC 300, but he proceeded to march forward regardless and was rewarded for his courage mid-way through the second round when big strikes shifted the momentum in his favor leading to a TKO victory.

Round One:

Outside calf kick from Rakic to start. He lands a few more low kicks. Another calf kick connects.

Rakic just misses with a power punch, as does Prochazka on a kick attempt. jab for Prochazka. Calf kick for Rakic. Right hand gets through from Rakic and then another low kick.

Left hand from Prochazka. Low kick for Rakic and Prochazka looked a little uncomfortable after that one.

Rakic lands another outside kick to the same spot on the calf. Now an inside leg kick. Another heavy impact and a punch behind it. Prochazka switches stances and Rakic immediately starts landing on that one too.

Reaching left hand from Prochazka. Low kick for Rakic. Inside leg kick from Prochazka now. Prochazka about to launch into an attack when he gets caught by a punch.

Right hand from Rakic. Now a body kick. Glancing right hand for him. Rakic ducks and almost eats a knee.

In close Prochazka hurts Rakic with a short hook, then misses on a jumping knee. Rakic regroups and lands a punch.

A couple more straight punches from Rakic. Prochazka clinching up as the round ends.

Round Two:

Hard straight right from Rakic. Head kick attempt from Prochazka is blocked. Right hand misses from Rakic but then follows up with another that does connect.

Calf kick for Rakic and then on the other side. Crushing right hand from Rakic, but Prochazka wears it well.

Inside leg kick from Prochazka. Head kick attempt from Prochazka. A punch from him grazes the target. Rakic swinging for the fences momentarily.

Head kick from Prochazka but as he presses forward Rakic lands a couple of punches. Prochazkawith a punch in close. He comes close on another head kick attempt.

Prochazka applying pressure and hurts Rakic with a punch. Rakic backing up but Prochazka presses forward and continues on the attack, landing a knee and punches against the cage. Rakic pushes him away and tries to fight back but Prochazka won’t be deterred and is able to bring his off-balance opponent to the mat.

Prochazka with ground-and-pound and Rakic is dazed on the mat as the ref steps in to end the fight, handing Prochazka a TKO victory at 3.17mins of the 2nd round.

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