JJ Aldrich Defeats Poylana Viana By Unanimous Decision At UFC 227

JJJ Aldrich outstruck Polyana Viana and won the clinch battle tonight at UFC 227 to emerge with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Viana with an early leg kick. Another kick lands. She continues to work from range in the opening minute with kicks and straight punches.

Aldrich looks to clinch up, but That’s Viana’s world and she takes control, pressing Aldrich up against the cage. Aldrich jockeying for position. Viana trips her to the mat, but she’s straight back up again.

Back up Aldrich presses Viana to the cage. Knee to the body from Viana. Another lands. Aldrich trying a couple of knees of her own.

Aldrich finally looks to break free. Right hand lands for her as they exchange. Two body kicks for Viana. Now one to the leg.

Viana clinches up and tries to work her opponent to the mat, but Aldrich manages to press her to the cage instead.

Trip from Viana, but Aldrich is straight back up. Viana looking for a guillotine choke and hops onto Aldrich. Viana pulling guard, but Aldrich is free from any submission attempt and stays on top for the remainder of the round, though the Brazilian does start working for an omaplata in the final seconds.

Round Two:

left and a right for Aldrich. Right hand for Viana and a kick. Front kick to the body for her. Brief flurry for Viana, but walks into a punch.

Nice right hand for Viana. she looks to clinch, but Aldrich presses her to the cage instead. Not much happening from the position and Viana manages to break free and fires off a punch.

Aldrich lands a solid shot. Viana trying to march forward through punches to land her own. however, Aldrich lands a big punch and that does stop Viana in her tracks for a moment.

Straight punches for Viana. Jab lands for Aldrich. One-two for Viana. left hand for Aldrich. Body kick for Viana.

Viana ducks under an attack and takes Aldrich’s back and then finally manages to securely bring her to the mat.

Viana in half-guard, looking to pass and then goes for an armbar, but overcommits and doesn’t get it, with Aldrich ending up on top as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Aldrich lands a punch to start the third. Another straight strike from Aldrich. Viana pressing forward with a flurry of punches, but only the kick behind it lands.

Viana looking for a takedown, but can’t get a hold of her opponent. Aldrich lands a clean punch. Another left hand gets through for her.

Viana grabs hold of an arm and looks to initiate a takedown, but then sttles for pulling guard in the center of the Octagon. She lands a few punches to the head as Aldrich stays tight to her chest.

Aldrich being very cautious on top, but doing just enough to keep the fight on the mat for now. However, eventually she opts to stand back up again.

Viana up slowly. Aldrich lands a clean punch as Viana continues to leave her face unprotected. Aldrich starting to press Viana back more frequently now and landing a few straight punches as she ends the round in control.


Aldrich did better than many had anticipated here, managing to not only outstrike her on the feet, but also negate her opponent’s grappling too and as such emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 29-27).

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