Joe Pyfer Submits Abdul Razak Alhassan With Arm-Triangle At UFC Fight Night 229

Joe Pyfer was able to trouble Abdul Razak Alhassan on the feet tonight at UFC Fight Night 229, but it was a big takedown in the second round that led him to the fight-ending arm-triangle submission finish.

Round One:

Pyfer drives into an immediate takedown and lands it, but Alhassan stands back up quickly. Pyfer has an arm-triangle in as they rise up though, but Alhassan is able to break free and get back to striking range.

Body kick for Pyfer. Now one from Alhassan, who then throws a big overhand that misses. Right hand from Pyfer.

Pyfer gets in close and slams Alhassan to the mat in the center of the Octagon. Alhassan trying for a guillotine choke and Pyfer opts to break out of that and stand back up.

Body kick from Alhassan as Pyfer was looking for a punch. Another body kick from Alhassan. leg kick for Pyfer. Heavier leg kicks return from Alhassan.

Slapping right hand from Pyfer and then a nice jab. Leg kick from Alhassan. Pyfer with a left hook of the guard.

Hard right hand lands for Pyfer. Now a body punch. Heavy right hook from Pyfer. Punch followed by a calf kick from him.

Punishing body kick from Pyfer. Alhassan with one of his own. Jab for Pyfer. Calf kick. Alhassan marauds forward, but Pyfer ducks under a big hook.

Now Pyfer turns into him against the cage and starts unleashing a flurry of punches.

Final 10 seconds of the round. Pyfer with a final round hand off the guard.

Round Two:

Alhassan whispered to his corner inbetween rounds that he can’t find his timing.

Pyfer opting to clinch up early against the cage. He lands a knee to the body and then back up.

Alhassan lands a solid low kick. Now another one connects. A third calf kick connects. Pyfer swings and misses. He switches stances and then back again. Leg kick again from Alhassan.

Pyfer changes things up by landing a big takedown. Pyfer works quickly into an arm triangle submission. Alhassan not doing much to defend this.

Alhassan taps on Pyfer’s body, but he’s done it with a closed fist so the ref isn’t sure if he’s tapping out or not. In the few moments of indecision that follow Alhassan is choked out and thankfully the official notices quickly and the fight is over. Good submission win via arm-triangle for Pyfer at 2.05mins of the 2nd round.

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