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Joe Solecki Submits Austin Hubbard In Opening Round At UFC On ESPN 15

Joe Solecki looked impressive tonight tonight at UFC On ESPN 15 as he secured a first round rear-naked choke submission over Austin Hubbard.

Round One:

Nice left hook for Solecki to start the fight. Now an inside low kick. Hubbard with a kick of his own. Solecki with punches upstairs.

Good right hook for Solecki and then a kick behind it. Another right hook for him and now clinching up and pushes Hubbard up against the cage.

Knee to the body for Solecki. Hubbard able to move away from the cage while still in the clinch, but Solecki just marches him over to the other side of the cage.

Now Solecki able to spin around to Hubbard’s back and climbs up on him. Hubbard leans him back into the age to take some of the weight off him. Solecki starts to land left hands while keeping the body triangle locked up.

Solecki trying to work for a rear-naked choke now and Hubbard is in full defensive mode for now. Solecki manages to sink in that standing rear-naked choke and just seconds later Hubbard is tapping out at 3.51mins of the opening round! Slick work from Solecki from start to finish there.

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