John Dodson Defeats Eddie Wineland By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 108

John Dodson comfortably oustruck Eddie Wineland tonight at UFC Fight Night 108 to earn himself a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Wineland feeling out with the jab to start as they circle each other. Dodson snaps off a body kick.

Left hand for Dodson and avoids a counter from Wineland. He goes for another kick, but Wineland mostly moves out of the way of that one.

Body punch for Dodson. Now a leg kick. Back to the body again. He’s getting in and out very quickly with these single shots.

Another leg kick for Dodson. He rushes in with two body punches and then upstairs with a left hand. Wineland still trying to figure out his opponent at this stage.

Dodson tries to clinch up looking for a takedown, but Wineland comfortably blocks that.

Dodson quickly unleashing another couple of punches. He might be at a height and reach disadvantage, but his speed is helping make up for it.

Another punch to the midsection for Dodson. Left hand for Wineland and a counter from Dodson. Big left hand lands for Dodson as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Wineland acknowledged Dodson’s speed inbetween rounds, and early in the second his opponent is quick enough to get just out of range of a punch coming his way and then lands a counter.

Wineland trying to stay light on his feet, but offensively he’s not finding his mark yet. leg kick for Dodson. Body kick for Dodson and a right hand counter from Wineland.

Wineland trying to pump out the jab to keep his range. Front kick to the body for Dodson. Crowd very restless here as this tactical battle continues.

Dodson with a head kick that partially lands, but Wineland almost catches it and knocks him off-balance.

Hard body kick from Dodson. Suddenly Dodson bursts into a superman punch and then a few sharp punches behind it that backs Wineland up.

Wineland with a body kick, but for the most part he looks very unsure how to deal with Dodson here and as the round comes to a close he’s bleeding a little from a few cuts to his head.

Round Three:

Lots of movement from Wineland, but not a lot of offense. For a moment both unload strikes at close range, but neither really connects with anything meaningful.

Nice right hand from Wineland as Dodson comes forward. Dodson leans out the way of a punch from his opponent. Body punch for Dodson and tries to follow up with more, but Wineland backs away.

Body kick for Dodson. Hook for Wineland. Series of jabs from Dodson puts Wineland on his heels. Now a leg kick.

Side kick to the body for Dodson. He tries to rush forward into a flurry, but Wineland quicklt hits reverse gear.

Punch to the body and then one to the head from Dodson. Now a body kick in the final minute. Punch lands for Wineland, body kick for Dodson.

Another body kick for Dodson. And another for good measure. Wineland trying to let his hands go a bit more in the final few seconds of the figt, but Dodson isn’t there to be hit and we’re heading to the scorecards.


No doubt about the winner here, with Dodson’s speed being the biggest difference between the two as he wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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