John Makdessi Defeats Jesus Pinedo By Decision At UFC Fight Night 148

John Makdessi ignored boos from the crowd tonight at UFC Fight Night 148 as he used leg kicks to chip away at Jesus Pinedo and earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Head kick attempt from Pinedo comes up short. Another attempt is blocked. Leg kick for Madkessi. Another kick, high to the body tis time.

Pinedo still finding his range with his kicks. Madkessi lands a leg kick. Another connects. Leg kick for Pinedo now.

Side kick to the body from Madkessi. Pinedo keeps threatening with the head kick, but so far Madkessi is wise to it and has his guard up.

Punch for Pinedo and Madkessi comes back with two of his own. Leg kick for Pinedo. Another blocked head kick. Madkessi catches a kick but doesn’t do anything with it. Leg kicks. Spinning body kick from Madkessi just grazes the target.

Body kick for Madkessi. Head kick continues to be blocked from Pinedo. Madkessi steps in and lands punches as Pinedo tries to kick.

Leg kick for Makdessi. Pinedo responds in kind. Another leg kick for Madkessi. Kick and then a solid punch to the head for Madkessi. Crowd are booing but both fighters are sticking to a slow tempo.

Round Two:

Low leg kick from Makdessi. Side kick to the body. Kick for Makdessi knocks Pinedo off-balance to the mat, but he stands up soon after. His leg is showing clear signs of welts on it though.

More low kicks for Madkessi. Body kick for Pinedo. Again to the low kick fo Madkessi. He almost runs into a punch. Crowd booing heavily as they did last round.

Leg kicks continue for Makdessi. Side kick to the body now. Head kick from him is blocked. Back to the leg kick he goes instead.

Side kick to the body again for ‘The Bull.’ Kick for Pinedo upstairs is blocked. Body kick for Makdessi. Hook and a punch behind it from Pinedo.

Leg kick for Makdessi and one in return from Pinedo to the body. Leg kick for Madkessi. Now a counter-right. Side kick to the leg. Back to the standard leg kick.

Pinedo’s leg has been tenderized. Good one-two for Pinedo. Pinedo with a kick that Madkessi catches. Pinedo with a more aggressive attack, throwing punches and then a kick upstairs that gets through, though lands mostly with the toes. Pinedo ending the round strongly here, coming to life at last.

Round Three:

Makdessi going straight back to the leg kicks. Head kick attempt is blocked. Back to the leg kick. Pinedo throws a leg kick of his own.

Makdessi chips away with the leg kick. Now a body punch. Body kick. Jab for Madkessi. Pinedo with a brief flurry. Another leg kick and Pinedo stopped for just a split second there.

Left hand for Pinedo. Missed spinning kick to the body from Makdessi. Leg kick from Makdessi and then backs away from the punches that come in return.

Calf kick for Madkessi. Body kick. Solid one-two from Pinedo. Makdessi with punches. Makdessi catches a kick and Pinedo tries to jump up and throw a kick that misses.

Kicks for Makdessi. Pinedo motioning him forward and then lands a three-piece combo. jab for Makdessi. Body kick for Pinedo. Body kick for Makdessi.

Two punches land for Makdessi in close as he finally throws caution to the wind for a few seconds at the end of the round.


Not the most exciting fight then, but Makdessi outstruck Pinedo almost exclusively with kicks to earn a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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