Johnny Walker Blasts Fans For Trolling After KO Loss; Jamahal Hill Backs Him Up

Johnny Walker suffered a brutal knockout at the hands of Jamahal Hill at UFC Fight Night 201 on Saturday night, but while he’s coming to terms with the loss the Brazilian light-heavyweight is having a harder time accepting the trolls who have been hounding him and his fiance in the days since.

“For me, it’s okay. Onto the next one, right?” Walker said on his YouTube channel. “But what’s making me really upset is f*cking people don’t care about the fighters’ health and what happens after, you know? They just care about the pictures and make the jokes. What made me upset was people message me and comment the jokes. People don’t care about other people’s health.

“I train so hard, I’m very committed to my career. And when I get to the fight to make my best show for the fans, if I get hurt or something like that happens, people just make jokes about the knockout. They don’t care about my health or if I have brain damage, if I’m okay.

“I spent so many hours in the hospital getting checked out,” Walker continued. “I’m 100 percent good, the brain scan and everything is okay but they don’t know. They don’t really care about what happens with my health.

“They send messages for my fiance saying so much bullsh*t about me. Things that are disgusting. It’s not everybody but I would like to understand why we have people like this. People even from the media who have my number. They called me before the fight to ask for interviews and everything. Then when I lose, they make big jokes about my losses. This is just very disappointing, you know? You train so hard, I fight for money, to provide good health and support for my family in Brazil. To buy a house for me, I want to marry, I want to have kids, make a business, be sustainable. And they don’t f*cking care about my health.

“I’m trying to do my best to bring them nice entertainment for everybody,” he added. “But they just don’t care about my health and if I’m okay or not.”

One man who clearly sympathises with Walker is the man who KO’d him, with Jamahal Hill having made a point of telling those who might be seeking to make fun of his opponent to think again.

I do what I do for the entertainment of the fans and the love of the sport,” Hill said in a video posted on Twitter. “And whenever I’m successful, and I get a knockout and have these moments that y’all like, bro, don’t use that time to dog somebody. I’ve lost, so I’ve received the ridicule and the things that come with that, and I understand that people are ignorant. But I can only imagine how y’all doing my man right now, and that sh*t ain’t cool. That sh*t ain’t cool. Think about if that was you.”

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