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Johnny Walker KO’s Khalil Rountree In First Round At UFC Fight Night 140

Johnny Walker made his UFC debut in impressive fashion tonight at UFC Fight Night 140, knocking out Khalil Roundtree in the opening round with a nasty elbow and follow-up punches.

Round One:

They circle each other from range to start. Walker the significantly taller of the two and has the reach to match.

Leg kick for Rountree. Another leg kick lands. Body kick for Walker. Head kick from Walker and then follow-up strikes, but then it’s Rountree suddenly firing back.

However, Walker is looking for the thai clinch and gets it. Then Walker marches Rountree across the Octagon and plants a huge elbow on Rountree’s head that lets out an audible crack as it fells him hard to the mat.

Rountree is essentially done at this stage, but Walker drops a couple of punches down to seal a brutal victory just 1.57mins into his UFC debut!

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