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Johnny Walker TKO’s Justin Ledet In Just 15 Seconds At UFC On ESPN+ 2

Johnny Walker logged one of the fastest finishes we’ve seen in a while in the Octagon tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 2, TKO’ing Justin Ledet in just 15 seconds courtesy of a spinning backfist.

Round One:

Walker with a side kick to the body and then a hook kick to the head that partially lands and then a spinning backfist immediately afterwards that sends Ledet to the mat hard!

Walker then steps in and aims an illegal kick at the head of his grounded opponent. Luckily for him, Ledet is falling back at the time and he misses.

Walker then calms down after that reckless kick and looks to pick out punches and it doesn’t take much to convince the referee that Ledet’s had enough, handing Walker a TKO victory just 15 seconds into the first round.

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