Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier War Of Words After Abnormal Drug Test

Daniel Cormier has taken aim at Jon Jones and USADA after it emerged that his rival has produced an abnormal drug test result, but is still being allowed to compete at UFC 235 against Alexander Gustafsson, albeit with the event now being switched to California instead of Las Vegas.

“He tested positive again!” Cormier exclaimed on Twitter after the story first broke – though technically the UFC and USADA are arguing that this isn’t another positive test, but rather a residual amount discovered that they believe traces back to the first time Jones tested positive for turinabol in 2017 and was subsequently banned for 15 months.

Nevertheless, DC appears to be far from convinced that this is all above board and took aim at everybody involved in defending Jones over this matter, including UFC drug czar jeff Novitsky, California State Athletic Commission chief Andy Foster and even USADA themselves, though he gave respect to NSAC for opting not to allow Jones to fight in Las Vegas.

“USADA= joke
Jeff Novistky= joke
Andy Foster= joke
A pinch of turinabol in an Olympic sized swimming pool from 2017 that stays in ur system for 18 months = joke
NSAC you’re cool.”

Jones soon responded with a below the belt taunt.

“I could slap your wife on the ass and you could literally do nothing about it.” Jones wrote, mimicing something Chael Sonnen once said to get under Anderson Silva’s skin. “You’re my bitch DC, that will never change…funny how you’re giving me two posts but said nothing when I asked you to come get your belt back.”

Cormier took the bait and blasted back at him.

“You couldn’t do shit you steroid abusing Junkie!” Cormier wrote. “I swear I would never touch ur wife’s flat ass lol. And I didn’t respond I’m not helping you sell ur bum ass fight you drug abusing steroid cheat. Fuck you!”

Recently Jones had offered $100,000 if Cormier would agree to be his next opponent, and as the feud between the escalated last night he upped the ante even further.

“$150,000 to any charity in Lafayette if he accepts my challenge,” Jones announced. “Let’s see if his IG stops working again 😩

however, Cormier didn’t flinch and instead raised the stakes once again, though with some extra terms and conditions applied.

“Keep the money, more stringent drug testing and no excuses or mishaps and I’ll give 125,000 to charity in Lafayette and 125,000 to a charity in San Jose,” Cormier responded. “You just pay for the drug testing! #cheater.”

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