Jon Jones Fires Back At Alexander Gustafsson Over Post-Fight Comments

After Alexander Gustafsson convincingly defeated Glover Teixeira on Saturday night he had less than favorable things to say about Jon Jones, but now his rival has fired back with both barrels.

“I don’t like him,” Gustafsson had told reporters at the UFC Fight Night 109 post-fight presser in Stockholm, Sweden. “I give him that he’s the best fighter of all-time, the best pound-for-pound fighter of our division; of course, everybody knows that,” said Gustafsson, who proposed to his girlfriend in the Octagon after vanquishing Teixeira. “He hasn’t even lost a fight yet, he demolishes everyone he fights.

“But as a person, as a champion … he’s not a champion, in my eyes. He’s not a good person, in my eyes.”

Jones didn’t appreciate that and has since blasted ‘The Mauler’ in a series of Twitter posts.

“Of course you are rooting for Daniel Gus, you might as well pray for him while you’re at it. Jones wrote.

“And here’s a little FYI, you didn’t lose against DC and I because of your cardio, it was because your lack of heart.

“I’m not a champion because you don’t like my personality? F—k you lol. Jon Jones is a bad person’” you sound like a f—-ing dork.

“Congrats on the engagement though, beautiful woman. Maybe good guys don’t always finish last.”

“I’m not a champion cuz I’m a bad person? you’re not a champion because you don’t win championship fights.”

At that stage a fan of Jones advised the fighter to refocus on his upcoming fight with current champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 214, and he took that on-board.

“Haha you’re right I’ll stop. I would hate me too if I were him,” Jones replied to the fan.

However, just as it looked like things were going to quieten down, Gustafsson then started replying to his posts.

“I root for @dc_mma but I want u to win, and after the way I beat u, I promise I will pray for you. Happy now?” Gustafsson wrote this morning.

“Is it me or does this sh*t make zero sense?” Jones asked. “Whatever Alex root for us both I guess. “

Gustafsson then responded to Jones claims that it was a lack of heart that was responsible for him losing their previous fight.

“No my friend, against you it was because of the absence of @usantidoping,” Gustafsson said.

“Lol keep telling yourself that my son,” Jones replied.

“Next time if you don’t have anything nice to say, you know the rest. I’m done with you for now,” Jones said as he finally appeared to call it a day.

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