Jon Jones KO’s Daniel Cormier In Third Round At UFC 214

Jon Jones won back his light-heavyweight title from Daniel Cormier tonight at UFC 214 in devastating fashion as he KO’d his rival with ground and pound after rocking him with a head kick.

Round One:

The main event light-heavyweight title showdown between Cormier and Jones is underway in Anaheim!

Leg kick for Jones. Early hooks too. In close range Cormier lands two big uppercuts that knock Jones mouthpiece out! He fights on though and soon after the ref hands him it back.

Jones with a takedown, but Cormier is immediately back up. Jabs flicking out for Cormier. Front kick to the body from Jones.

Nice body punch for Jones. Oblique kick for the challenger. Cormier flicks out the jab then a leg kick. Clinch from Jones and just shoves Cormier away from him.

left hand for Jones then an oblique kick. Another one. Clinch and a huge knee to the body from Jones. Nice punch for the former champ.

Leg kick for Cormier and then misses with a hook. Another knee to the body from Jones. Straight left for Jones. Oblique kick again for Jones.

Cormier misses with hooks, but lands a leg kick. And another one. Hook lands for Jones. Left elbow strike for Jones. Right hand connects too.

Jones to the body. Leg kick for Cormier. Leg kick again. Straight left for Jones. Body kick for Cormier. Nice hooks from Cormier gets his rival’s attention. Good work in close from Cormier here.

DC comes with a rangey overhand that lands. He feels out with front kicks as a competitive first round comes to a close.

Round two:

Front kick to the upper body from Jones. Olbique kick. Nice hook to the body. Big knee to the body lands too. Now a right hand scores for Jones.

Leg kick for Cormier. Oblique kick for Jones, right hand for DC. Hard leg kick for Cormier. Clash of heads forces a brief stoppage. DC got the worst of that, but he’s ok to continue.

Jones with a left hand and an oblique kick. Jones punches to the body and then back to the leg. Left hook for DC and then a right hand.

Kick for Jones. Hooks for DC. Oblique kick for Jones. Another one and then a left hook. Solid left hook from range lands for Jones.

elbow lands for Jones. Now a solid shot to the body. Winging shots from Cormier back up Jones. Right hand for Jones. Two punches land for DC.

Head kick attempt from Jones is blocked. Left hook for DC. Jones into the clinch and tries for a trip takedown, but DC remains standing. Cormier landing punches. He tries a trip, but Jones manages to transition nicely out of that.

Into the clinch again. Cormier lands a kick. They break apart. Left hook sneaks in for DC. Leg kick for Jones. Now a punch down the pipe. DC comes marching forward regardless and the crowd is cheering him on for a change.

Big right hand to the temple from Cormier at the end of the round.

Round Three:

Quality body shot from Jones. Leg kicks now. left hook connects. DC missing with a punch of his own. Jones targets the body again with his left hand.

Front kick to the body from Jones. Oblique kicks being mixed in for Jones. Nice knee to the midsection. Cormier gets in close and lands a hook and another punch behind it.

DC stalking Jones. He lashes out with the right hand. Body punch for DC. He charges forward trying to land the left hook.

Suddenly a head kick from Jones hurts DC badly. Jones tries to sweep his leg and almost succeeds in knocking him over. Cormier backing up in real trouble here as Jones chases him down. He’s on unsteady legs though and soon falls over against the cage after a body kick.

Jones just drops down and starts hammering DC with elbows. Cormier turning away and Jones lashes him with a series of hooks and that’s it, Cormier’s out and Jones has won his title back in style with a highlight reel KO at the 3.01min mark of the third round.

Brutal finish from Jones there and even minutes later Cormier still looks wobbly and somewhat out of it after getting to his feet. As the defeat sinks in DC gets emotional, as does Jones, though for completely opposite reasons.

DC was actually doing very well this time around against Jones, but that head kick changed everything and ‘Bones’ was ruthless in pursuit of the finish.

Afterwards Jones pays respect to Cormier and then calls out Brock Lesnar to fight him next!

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