Jonathan Martinez Defeats Said Nurmagomedov By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 221

Jonathan Martinez edged out a win on the scorecards over Said Nurmagomedov tonight at UFC Fight Night 221.

Round One:

Both miss leg kicks. Now a calf kick to the inside of the leg lands Nurmagomedov. High body kick from him. Now a kick to the body.

Leg kicks from Martinez. Body kick from Nurmagomedov. He lands another kick that knocks Martinez off-balance just for a moment.

Low kick from Martinez. question mark kick attempt from Nurmagomedov. Martinez almost catches another kick.

Another high-octane exchange and then a brief scramble as Nurmagomedov manufactures a takedown opportunity and works for a rear-naked choke. It’s not in perfectly though and Martinez is able to escape and get back to his feet, driving Nurmagomedov into the cage.

Knee to the leg from Martinez. Nurmagomedov turns into him. They break free and now it’s Martinez who is letting a good knee and big kicks go with good effect. Nurmagomedov returns fire though and lands a spinning elbow.

They go back into the clinch. Nurmagomedov working for a choke from a slightly awkward angle and then tries to use that to work a throw, but they both roll and get straight back up as the round is coming to a close.

Round Two:

Inside leg kick from Nurmagomedov. Now a side kick to the thigh. Low kick from Martinez. He lands again low to the calf.

Spinning backfist attempt from Nurmagomedov doesn’t pay off. Nurmagomedov manages to bring Martinez down. Nurmagomedov in full guard for now. He passes guard, but a scramble enables Martinez to stand back up.

Spinning backfist from Nurmagomedov lands, but Martinez is ok and is now having to sprawl as his opponent tries to bring him down. He does a good job of that And lands a couple of elbows as they stand. Martinez presses Nurmagomedov into the cage.

Martinez staying tight in this clinch rather than working for offense. He lands a few knees to the thigh. Nurmagomedov lands a knee to the body and then breaks free.

Leg kick for Martinez. Side kick to the body from Nurmagomedov. Another kick from Nurmagomedov. He tries for a front kick upstairs. Low kick from Martinez. Another scores for him.

Round Three:

Back to the low kick for Martinez. He lands another calf kick and then again. He goes to it again and Nurmagomedov times a counter spinning backfist.

Nurmagomedov lands a blow that knocks Martinez off-balance to the mat. Didn’t seem to much if anything in that, but it enables Nurmagomedov to get on top.

Martinez throws up a triangle choke attempt and is working the armbar with it. Nurmagomedov in danger here, but he stays calm and manages to escape. Big moment there.

Martinez atempting to get back up, but Nurmagomedov has his back and pulls down on to him and immediately has the body lock in place.

Nurmagomedov working for a rear-naked choke now, but doesn’t have it under the chin. Martinez able to stand and Nurmagomedov tries to ride his back but slips off and now it’s Martinez who clinches him up against the cage.

Nurmagomedov tries for a throw, but it doesn’t quite pay off and Martinez remains clinched up. Martinez doesn’t have too much urgency here but lands a few knees to the leg.

Martinez tries for a few strikes in close. Nurmagomedov tries for a trip but can’t get it so they remain in the clinch. Both try to land something meaningful in the final few seconds in the hopes of swinging the round in their favor.


A close, competitive fight here then, but perhaps a little surprisingly it’s Martinez who emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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