Jonathan Pearce TKO’s Kai Kamaka In Second Round At UFC On ESPN 18

Jonathan Pearce used his wrestling to get the better of Kai Kamaka tonight at UFC On ESPN 18 before eventually finishing him by ground and pound in the final minute of the second round.

Round One:

Pearce with a push kick to start. he tries another kick and Kamaka partially caught that. Body kick landed by Kamaka now.

Kamaka lands a body punch. He lands another there. Foot jab from Pearce. Now a low leg kick from Kamaka. He lands a jab too.

Overhand right for Pearce and a kick soon after. Body kick from Kamaka. Body punch. Pearce opts to pull guard, but is soon back to his feet.

Low kick for Kamaka. One-two for Pearce. Kamaka responds in kind. Calf kick from Kamaka. jab sneaks through for him.

Pearce almost launched into a flying knee there, but then aborted it. Nice counter hook from Kamaka. jab for Pearce and then attempts a single-leg, but nothing doing.

Pearce ducks under a punch and this time does land a takedown. Pearce in half-guard and Kamaka gives up his back as he stands up. Pearce stays clinched to his back. Kamaka lands a punch from behind and then they separate.

Right hand lands for Kamaka and lands a punch to the body as Pearce also lands.

Round Two:

One-two for Pearce. He tries a flying knee. They clinch up and Pearce is able to bring Kamaka down again. kamaka trying to stand close to the cage, but Pearce rides his back as he gets up.

They drop to the floor a bit awkwardly and Kamaka tries to turn into Pearce. They both get back upright though and start to go to work with strikes.

Both men landing hard punches here and then Pearce gets another takedown. Pearce backs up and stands, then drops back down with a big punch that lands cleanly.

Kamaka trying to get to his knees and stand, but then is quickly taken back down again. Back to his knees again and Pearce is able to start trying to flatten him out and lands a couple of big punches. A hard elbow lands too.

Pearce flattens out Kamaka completely. he’s trying to set up a submission now, but Kamaka does well to work his way out of that and then turns into his opponent to get on top and lands a hard punch.

They get back up and Pearce lands an uppercut and then secures his latest takedown. However, Kamaka has sunk in a gullotine choke attempt here.

Pearce able to get out of that and settles on top. Kamaka giving up his back again and Pearce is starting to hammer away at him with punches. Kamaka’s defense is fading and it’s allowing Pearce to land repeatedly. he starts to wilt and that’s it, the referee steps in to awards Pearce the TKO victory at 4.28mins of the second round.

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