Jorge Masvidal Slays Colby Covington After Being Branded ‘Street Judas’

Colby Covington’s friendship with Jorge Masvidal has disintegrated over the past year, but he appeared to cross a line earlier this when he branded his ATT training partner ‘Street Judas’ in an interview.

Masvidal didn’t take kindly to that and so he’s ripped into ‘Chaos’ in a series of deeply personal tweets that dish the dirt on his private life just days before his long awaited title fight with Kamaru Usman.

“Remember when I used to let you sleep on the couch?” Masvidal asked Covington on Twitter. “#hitemup you were crying cause those Brazilian girls punked you and I put you on. I fed you, clothed you and you sold out for 7 likes sad that’s all you got for a title fight. 13th disciple is a bitch #theresurrection”

Masvidal was far from finished there though.

“Remember when your ass got tried on south beach and me and Ike had to save your ass from some real goons fucking you up? When tibau whooped your ass so hard in sparring and you came crying to me asking if it’s ok to be scared like a bitch? #thecrucifixion.”

Masvidal then posted up a picture of the man he claimed is responsible for Covington’s over-the-top persona and remarks over the past year, who he claims is actually a coach at the ATT gym.

“This is the dude John Harnett aka fake ass josh hartnett you got it all that swag from? All the scripts of snowflakes, marks, virgins. The dude talking about Amanda, Dustin, woodley. An ATT employee living at home with his elderly parents and don’t help them none #thecrucifixion.”

Covington has yet to respond to Masvidal.

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