Jose Aldo Slimming Down For Bantamweight Debut

jose aldo ufc 200

Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo appears to be serious about dropping down to bantamweight. In fact, Aldo is already on a diet and appears to be successfully slimming down as he awaits a big fight in the 135lb division.

While there are no odds out with bookmakers yet, we are assuming Aldo would start as a significant underdog against the Champ-Champ, Cejudo, at Bantamweight.

“I’m on a diet for a month and my weight is dropping just fine,” Aldo told “I’m training as hard as I’ve ever trained in my life, so I wouldn’t suffer to make featherweight now. My weight is going down well.”

Aldo is reported to have already slimmed down to 150lbs, and is now hoping that current bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo will agree to fight him for the title.

“No doubt I’m fighting at 135 next, I’m just waiting for (Henry) Cejudo to decide if he’s going to fight or not. If it’s not against him, I have no problem (fighting) anyone else. I’m asking ‘Dede’ (Pederneiras) every day, texting and terrorizing Dana (White). This f***** should at least come out of the bushes, you either fight or you don’t. All he does is talk that he wants to fight, this internet talk, but that’s easy. I wanna see you sign the contract to show you’re a real man and fight me or anyone else.

“Everyone who has two titles is holding up the UFC and that’s not good for me and all athletes that are hopeful for a fight. It’s getting hard nowadays. They say they’ll have an answer for me, but I’m waiting for this sh*t for a month.”

Aldo wasn’t finished venting about Cejudo though.

“I don’t think Cejudo will fight now, he’s just an actor in the media now, all he does is talk, send messages, calling people out for attention, but won’t sign the f***ing contract.”

“It’s like he’s already on his knees, he’s as tall as my knees, so I don’t even need to bend the knee,” Aldo added, responding to Cejudo’s constant messages to fellow fighters to “bend the knee to the ‘Triple C.’” “I just want him to sign the contract. That’s all. We’re all waiting for that. He talk and talks but does nothing. He won the 125-pound title and did nothing else. Olympic medalist, cool, let’s respect that, but he hasn’t done anything in the UFC.”

Dana White had previously raised serious doubts about Aldo’s ability to make the weight given that he’s had issues cutting down to 145lbs in the past, let along taking another 10lbs off, but the Brazilian ace is convinced it won’t be a problem.

“He knows I’ll make the weight,” Aldo said. “We’re doing a great job with my nutritionists Maria Amelia and Priscila to get there really strong and well. Rest assured that we’re doing the right job and we’ll make weight just fine. I train with bantamweights and I’m stronger and more powerful than any of them. I’ll be strong and fast.”

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