Jose Aldo TKO’s Jeremy Stephens With First Round Body Shot At UFC On FOX 30

jose aldo ufc 200

Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo got back to winning ways in style tonight at UFC On FOX 30, with a first round body shot flooring Jeremy Stephens, before further ground and pound blows sealed the TKO victory.

Round One:

early head kick attempt from Aldo is blocked. Leg kick for Stephens. Now a leg kick for Aldo. Right hook from Stephens misses. Leg kick for Stephens and then a punch.

Body kick for Stephens. leg kick for Aldo and then a two-piece combo that leans clean for Stephens.

Hard uppercut lands for Aldo and then a series of punches from both men that don’t connect.

Punch lands for Stephens and it seems to hurt Aldo. Stephens throwing bombs and Aldo tries to hang in there and swing back at him. He’s taking a risk, but he manages to survive the onslaught and Stephens now has a little blood on his own face below his right eye.

Aldo regaining his bearings a bit and is starting to press forward. He lands a solid punch. Stephens looking a little wary now. Aldo starting to connect.

Suddenly Aldo uncorks a heavy punch to the body and Stephens winces in pain and folds over as he drops to the mat, with Aldo just winging another punch to the head that just misses.

Stephens curled in a ball on the mat trying to recover as Aldo starts to land strikes. Stephens not doing a whole lot to defend himself here and a few more punches to the head are all it takes for the referee to decide he’s had enough, handing an emotional Aldo a big TKO victory at 4.19mins of the first round.

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