Josh Emmett Defeats Shane Burgos By Decision In All-Out War At UFC On ESPN 11

Josh Emmett earned a unanimous decision win over Shane Burgos tonight at UFC ESPN 11 in what can only be described as an all-out war.

Round One:

Low leg kick for Emmett. Emmett might have hurt his knee there after an awkward movement. Body kick from Burgos and a hard counter punch from Emmett.

Emmett hurling heavy leather again. Burgos still pressuring, but again Emmett loads up with the right hand.

Right hook for Burgos. Nice quick left counter from Burgos. Inside leg kick from Emmett and Burgos with one too that doesn’t land as cleanly.

Burgos working leg kicks. Emmett always coiled and ready with the right hand though. Burgos steps into a knee to the body.

Emmett with a clean right hand that snapped Burgos’ head back. Hard leg kick for Burgos and Emmett didn’t like that. Another one lands. Again Emmett fires out the right hand.

Inside leg kick again for Burgos. Emmett with the right hand. He’s landing that too often. Kick again for Burgos. Intriguing battle here with Burgos’ leg kicks clearly hurting Emmett, while Emmett’s bombing right hand is a constant threat and potential fight ender.

Burgos continually pressuring here, lands a nice body shot but he has to be careful because Emmett is putting everything into his big punches even as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Burgos lands a jab and leg kicks. Emmett bleeding a little bit now. Another leg kick. Emmett presses forward landing heavy leather.

Head kick attempt from Emmett. Now another right hand. Burgos attempting a spinning backfist and Emmett threatens with a head kick attempt again.

Right hand for Emmett as Burgos lands the leg kick and that sends Emmett staggering back a little. Again the right hand from Emmett lands. How does Burgos keep eating these given Emmett’s notorious KO power?

Low kick for Burgos and a right hand. Punches for Emmett. Both men just missing. Front kick to the body for BUrgos. Hard punch to the body from Burgos.

Jab for Burgos. Short right hook for Emmett. Burgos marches forward and lands a leg kick. Jab for Burgos. Low kick lands. Jab again. Overhand right for Emmett.

jab from BUrgos. Now a nice clean right hand. Sneaky right again from Burgos. Backfist from Burgos as he backs up. Big punch for Emmett and Burgos is bleeding from the nose.

Head kick for Burgos is blocked and a punch comes back on the counter. Intense action here with no sign of slowing down yet.

Round Three:

Jab for Burgos and Emmett responds. Both men just a little short with punches. Low leg kick for Burgos. Emmett presses forward. Left hand connects for Emmett and it puts Burgos down. He seems clear-headed though as Emmett goes on top.

Emmett looking to work some punches, but Burgos finds space to stand back up. Emmett lands nicely to the body with two punches. Jab for Emmett and then a leg kick from Burgos lands to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Head kick attempt from Burgos to restart. Leg kick for Emmett. Right hand for Emmett. Another overhand from him lands.

Leg kick for Burgos. And again. Overhand right for Emmett glances the target. Burgos pressuring. Brutal overhand left for Emmett floors Burgos hard. Remarkable chin on Burgos though to stay conscious. Emmett back on top and working. Burgos able to kick him away and stand back up.

90 seconds to go and Burgos puts together a combo of punches as he tries to work his way back into the round. Nice jabs from Burgos and then a right. However then Emmett hits him with a hard punch. Another lands for him. Burgos with a punch.

Another nasty right hand from Emmett and somehow Burgos stayed standing from that. Incredible.

A brief lull and then in the final 10 seconds Burgos lands a body kick, Emmett returns fire and lands to the body with a punch and upstairs threatening one final time.


Thrilling fight then with both men throwing everything they had at each other at a high tempo for the full three rounds, almost certainly securing ‘Fight Of The Night’ honors in the process.

The judges have rendered their verdict and they call a unanimous decision victory for Emmett (29-28 x2, 29-27).

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