Josh Emmett shocked Ricardo Lamas tonight with a huge knockout finish in the co-main event of UFC On FOX 26 in Winnepeg, Canada.

Round One:

Lamas with a head kick attempt to start things off. Leg kick for Emmett and then a short flurry of punches.

Oblique kick to the knee from Lamas. Swing and mis swith a left hand from Emmett. Body kick for Lamas. Just short with a leg kick. Right hand for Emmett. Now a left and a right .

Good leg kick for Lamas. jab lands. Overhand right for Emmett. Now a short series of punches and a leg kick behind it. Head kick attempt for Lamas.

Three punches for Emmett with full power, but they are blocked. Lamas tries for a jumping knee, but Emmett keeps away.

Lamas head kick is blocked. Front kick to the body from him. A couple of winging punches miss for Emmett.

Emmett uncorks a massive left hook and it knocks Lamas out cold, sending him toppling stiff as a board to the canvas with 4.33mins of the first round gone.

That’s a huge highlight reel finish for Emmett against one of the featherweight division’s top contenders on ‘big’ FOX, which is just what he needed to really put himself on the map.