Josh Parisian TKO’s Alan Baudot In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 38

Josh Parisian battled back from early adversity tonight at UFC On ESPN 38 to defeat Alan Baudot by TKO in the second round.

Round One:

Jab for Parisian. He lands it again while slipping a punch from Baudot. Side kick to the knee from Baudot. Spinning backfist attempt from Parisian misses. Kick to the groin from Baudot forces a brief stoppage.

Solid leg kick from Parisian. Hammer punch from Baudot. Brief exchange of punches at close range. Baudot again throws an odd hammerfist style punch behind a couple of more orthodox punches.

A couple of leg kicks land from Parisian. Parisian punches as they go into the clinch. Breaking free now and Baudot lands a jab.

Spinning attack from Parisian misses and then at close range Baudot lands that hammerfist strike and drops Parisian.

Baudot follows Parisian to the mat. He’s taking his time though. Working from half-guard for now. he lands a knee to the body, now a strike to the head.

Parisian gets him back to his full guard, but Baudot starts dropping down frequent ground-and-pound. Parisian has damage to his eye, but he still manages to battle back to his feet.

Parisian clinched up against the cage now and manages to get a takedown. Now it’s Parisian who is trying to get his own back with a long series of punches until the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Baudot. Parisian with a couple of punches to the body. Kick to the body from Baudot and then an uppercut and hammerfist.

Parisian lands a takedown and Baudot gives up his back. Parisian with solid ground-and-pound and Baudot is struggling. Baudot showing just enough movement to prevent the ref from waving this one off, but he’s being warned he has to fight back.

Parisian emptying the gas tank with more punches to try to get that finish, but the blows are coming slower and slower, and Baudot picks his moment to stand back up.

Both heavyweights looking tired, but Parisian is trying for another takedown. Fatigue almost costs him there though as he only partially gets Baudot down and then almost pulls him down on top of him.

He readjusts however and is moving towards the mount, then takes the back and starts landing more punches, and with Baudot offering little in the way of resistance the ref ends the fight, handing Parisian a second round TKO victory at the 3.04min mark.

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