Julian Erosa Defeats Sean Woodson With Late Submission At UFC On ESPN 12

Julian Erosa was repeatedly being beaten to the punch from range tonight by Sean Woodson, but that didn’t deter him from continuing to march forward regardless, and that paid off for him when he seized upon a d’arce choke submission and tapped out his opponent late in the fight.

Round One:

Woodson with a one-two that lands to start. He tries for a jab and Erosa looks for the counter.

Inside leg kick for Erosa. Woodson comes forward and lands a nice hook. Spinning backfist from Erosa misses.

Woodson lands a crisp combo. Grazing left hand from Erosa. Hook lands for Woodson. Another hook lands and then a leg kick. Now a jab.

Another lengthy jab for Woodson. Outside leg kick from Erosa. Jab for Woodson. Front kick to the chest from Erosa.

Crisp jab again for Woodson. leg kick for Woodson. Sticking jab from Woodson. Inside leg kick from Erosa. Jab for Woodson, outside leg kick for Erosa.

One-two from Woodson and with that landing he continues to land a few more behind it. Front kick to the body from Erosa and then tries to move into the clinch, but quickly thinks better of it.

Kick to the upper arm from Erosa. Jab for Woodson. Spinning backfist from Erosa comes off his opponent’s guard. Woodson’s jab lands cleanly.

Erosa into the clinch, but again backs off again. Woodson back to the jab. Uppercut just grazes Woodson. he lands to the body as Woodson throws too.

Jab for Weoodson, uppercut from Erosa. Erosa slips and falls, but clings onto a leg and stays safe until the round ends.

Round Two:

Jab for Woodson, body kick on the counter from Erosa. jab and a right hand from Woodson. Outside leg kick from Erosa. Jab just landing all night long from Woodson.

Erosa into the clinch against the cage. Not for long. He backs up and lands a nice punch. Jab for Woodson and then an uppercut.

Leg kick and a punch from Woodson and Erosa fires back. Erosa trying to let his hands go more often here as he pressures his opponent.

Woodson still connecting with jabs, but it’s not putting Erosa off for now. Jab and uppercut combo for Woodson. Jab and a leg kick from Woodson. Counter punch lands for Erosa.

Both men land a punch. Good punch connects from Woodson and Erosa sticks his tongue out and grins. nice left for Woodson. Solid body punches ripped off by Erosa.

High kick from Erosa comes off the upper arm. Erosa marching forward with confidence. Woodson tries a spinning kick.

Right and a left land for Erosa and then a body punch. Right and a left for Woodson. Erosa with punches and a leg kick. Constant pressure from Erosa right now. He lands again.

Nice left for Woodson. Erosa connects. Woodson clips him with a nicely placed counter.

Round Three:

Right and a left from Woodson as Erosa thhrows a punch in return. Leg kicks now. Spinning back kick to the body from Woodson.

Inside leg kick from Erosa and then tries to clinch He doesn’t stay there but continues to press forward and Woodson sticks him with a counter and drops Erosa!

Erosa looks like he’d be happy to welcome Woodson into his guard, but he’s not having it and he has to get back to his feet.

Erosa still coming forward and both men are landing punches. Erosa swoops for a takedown, but can’t get Woodson down.

Back to striking range and Erosa is straight back into Woodson’s face and goes for another takedown, and this time he lands it. Woodson up quickly, but Erosa brings him down again.

Again Woodson is back up, but Erosa catches him in a brabo choke set-up and drags him back down. The submission is in tight and Erosa hooks a leg to stop him from escaping, forcing Woodson to tap out, giving the underdog an impressive comeback submission victory here at 2.44mins of the final round.

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