Julianna Miller TKO’s Brogan Walker To Become TUF Winner At UFC On ESPN 40

Julianna Miller won the latest flyweight season of The Ultimate Fighter tonight at UFC On ESPN 40 with a third round TKO victory over Brogan Walker.

Round One

Walker throws a couple of big punches out, but it’s Miller who connects with a counter. At close range Walker roughly drags Miller against the cage. They jockey for position and it’s Miller who is able to land a takedown.

Miller working from half-guard here, landing a few light punches while staying tightly pressed against her opponent.

Walker able to get her back to her full-guard now. Miller postures up and starts to land a few punches. Walker trying to connect with elbows from her back.

Miller posturing up again and Walker starts to get her legs up and then tries for an armbar, but quickly gives up on it.

Miller back to controlling on top without much in the way of offense until she lands one final punch as the horn sounds. No love lost between the two as they separate and go back to their corners.

Round two:

Low kick for Walker as Miller connects with a jab. Walker wearing swelling below her left eye from the previous round.

Brief exchange and Miller lands a few punches. Left hand connects for Walker. She goes for another flurry and uses that to drive into the clinch against the cage. Miller able to reverse the position though and then lands a takedown.

Walker trying for an ankle lock now. It’s not tight but she does manage to improve her position from it and looks to get up, but Miller gets her down again and now takes her back.

Miller working for a rear-naked choke now. She seems to have it, but Walker is able to survive and then not only escapes but also manages to scramble on top.

Miller able to stand, but Walker clinches her up against the cage. Miller breaks free and they are back to striking range, but only for a brief moment before Miller goes into the clinch against the cage.

Miller lands a knee to the body. Now she lands a trip takedown. She controls the position and then moves to side control. Getting to her knees she starts to land some ground and pound, while Walker gets her back into full guard.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Walker. Jab for Miller. Another leg kick from Walker. And again. Brief flurry from Walker without making meaningful contact.

Jabs for Miller. Left hand connects for Walker. Walker back into the clinch against the cage now even though it’s not paid off for her in the previous rounds, and sure enough Miller quickly gets control of the clinch and lands a takedown.

Miller able to settle into full mount here with half the final round remaining. Walker tries to wall-walk without success and Miller drops down some elbow strikes to the head.

More solid elbows landing as Walker desperately tries to escape. Elbows and now punches landing. More ground-and-pound follows and the ref has seen enough, stepping in to wave off the fight, resulting in a TKO victory for the new TUF flyweight season winner Miller at 3.57mins of the third round.

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