Jun Yong Park Defeats Marc-Andre Barriault By Decision At UFC Fight Night 165

Jun Yong Park secured a unanimous decision victory over Marc-Andre Barriault today at UFC Fight Night 165 in South Korea.

Round One:

Overhand right attempt from Barriault. Good uppercuts from Park. Leg kick for Park. One punch off the guard from Barriault and then a flurry in return from Park. Jab lands for Barriault.

Body kick for Barriault. leg kick from Park. Right hand and a solid body kick from Park. Eye poke from Barriault forces a brief stoppage for Park to recover.

Back to it they go. Overhand right from Barriault and a counter punch from Park in return. Leg kick for Barriault. Flurry from Park comes off the guard, but then he lands another few to the body.

Now Park is in on a takedown and he’s able to land it. Good work from him. Barriault waits for his moment and then stands back up, but Park stays tight to him and clinches up.

Barriault able to seperate though. Crisp jab for Park. Now a hook. Overhand right and a jab for Barriault. Another hook from Park, but coming off the guard.

Uppercuts connecting for Park. Barriault tries for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. Leg kick for Park.

Clipping left hook from Barriault. Barriault walks into a right hand. Barriault landing his own right now and a leg kick soon afterwards. Park with a leg kick in return. Park with a straight right as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Jab for Park. he lands it again and Barriault connects with a leg kick. Overhand right for Barriault. Leg kick and spinning elbow attempt from Barriault. Park then responds with a head kick attempt though and now is into the clinch and lands a takedown against the cage.

Park trying to work around to his opponent’s back. Barriault on on knee. He stands back up with Park still tightly gripped with a body lock.

Knees from Park. He starts working for the takedown and gets Barriault off-balance enough to land it. Barriault soon standing again, but still in the same clinch position.

Now Park has his back, but then opts to break free. Body kick attempt from Barriault. He lands a solid leg kick.

Leg kick apiece from the two fighters. Another leg kick for Barriault. left hook from Park. Punches from Park coming off Barriault’s defense.

Glancing hook from Barriault. Now a leg kick. He’s pressing forward with purpose here. Front kick to the body from Park. Jab for Park after Barriault comes up short on a high kick attempt.

Round Three:

Barriault pressing forward with urgency throwing strikes early in the final round. Park fires back. Now Park is in on a takedown and gets him to one knee against the cage. Barriault back up though and they go to striking range.

Barriault with a left hand. Leg kick for him. Park in the thai clinch momentarily. Dirty boxing from him now, landing uppercuts.

Right hand for Barriault. Now a left hook. Jab for Park. He connects again. Forward pressure continues from Barriault as Park sticks out the jab.

leg kick for Barriault. Left hook now. Barriault trying to go for a takedown, but it doesn’t pay off and Park works a standing guillotine counter. Barriault does well to fend that off though and back to applying pressure at striking range.

Leg kick for Barriault. He lands a glancing left hook. Now a head kick attempt. He lands a leg kick and another.

leg kick off punches from Barriault and then a spinning attack that doesn’t pay off. Park largely keeping out of danger though and still throwing out the jab to keep him at bay as the round draws to a close.


The judges have handed in their verdict and it’s a unanimous decision victory for Park (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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